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  1. Why?? Maybe because of Mi-24 being a beast, being armored (according to rumors afaik?) even against 12.7mm shells and its' capability to carry troops or heavy weapons/ammunition inside the helicopter and 30mm sci-fi firing rate cannon and and and... ? Many many reasons that make the Mi-24P imo incredibly more interesting in PvP than the Gazelle Mistral for example. IR overhaul =/= "R-60 missile cannot be added in current state"........... I don't care when ground track ability comes, I want what it is intended for, and asap, the A2A ability that so many soviet DCS jets already have........
  2. Please add feature for mission editors to enable/disable "JTAC operator" slots to access this right SAM control-panel aswell! We now need customizable "engagement range" and manual "radar off/on" ability for our PvP servers as much as never before! (due to addition of ground moving target radar modes of several DCS jets.)
  3. ah, thanks. Also, who asked for Mi-24 high-poly "flight gloves" or some "Navigator chronograph model 3133" watch?? Where are our Mi-24 R-60 Molniya A2A missiles???? Many of us bought Hind for just one reason, online PvP... And I'm sure many of those (incl. me) bought it primarily to employ R-60 against players. Wait... may ED be delaying R-60 on purpose? If so, why?
  4. Has the SFM (Standard Flight Model) been used for all (or most) Ai jets until now, instead of the flightmodels of the player jets?? Why???
  5. Well, DCS.exe ended itself... Had it frozen, I could've made a .DMP from the frozen process, and submit it to ED here for fixing the freeze... but the process just vanished
  6. CTD after starting up Mi-8... wasted 15 minutes basically (because of a previous action, and now not having motivation anymore to finish the CTLD object -.-) dcs.log
  7. And did you check if it's region-specific, if servers from some region don't appear at all?
  8. Maybe disable ipv6, set DNS to something like google or cloudflare dns? (
  9. So, I managed to make the mod flyable (3rd person for now, but we'll hopefully soon have the viewport at the right spot), for now no download link, as it seems to me that the flightmodel still needs tweaking to for it to be able to reach the legendary ~80.000 ft., which Hawkeye will take care of, soon, afaik) at some airbase in the western US during the 1950s...
  10. You're welcome! Yes, it's strange that this has to go through Microsoft website instead of a submit-function within Visual Studio (or what you're using), but at least it works
  11. And GBU-10 not cleared for that station where there's a GBU-16 in my screenshot??? (idk the station number)
  12. When having jammed the flaps into extended position, shouldn't they break off or slam into retracted position when in a vertical Mach 0.9 dive? (Have aerodynamic tests proven that F-14 flaps could stand such a strong air-pressure? ) I tried kinda everything to either rip them off to "get rid" of the jammed flaps "issue" or to slam them back into retracted position by force...
  13. did you submit it to Microsoft yet? (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/wdsi/filesubmission)
  14. Dear Tomcat pilots/professionals/dear Heatblur, why is the heaviest bombload in our DCS Bombcat still only 2x GBU-24, 1x GBU-10 + 1x GBU-16 instead of a perfectly symmetric (thus more airworthy) 2x GBU-24 + 2x GBU-10 loadout? (and please don't come with a simple "GBU-24 can't fit next to GBU-10". It obviously can, see DCS screenshot below... )
  15. You mean when one engine has lost a bit power due to combat damage, to slightly reduce thrust on the "good" engine to match thrust with the damaged engine, to balance thrust between both engines? Yes, that's a great use case!
  16. "Mostly based on the Mi-35 variant manual", interesting (from the YouTube description)
  17. seems damage isn't implemented in DCS yet xD I disabled the damper, wildly went full left, right, left, right a few times, nothing happened
  18. Why are there "insivible FARP" markers at deployed mortar-locations, can helicopters now deploy FARPs anywhere on the map?
  19. Cannot find it, where, more specifically?
  20. See video. Turns into that beer bomb 3d-model with that strange metal "nosecone".
  21. So that new players instantly see what our Blk50 Viper is capable of, when looking to the left or right side in the cockpit.
  22. For easier configuration. Current name of keybinding is very confusing. ("selected" ??)
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