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  1. Sooooo in other terms, it would be a lot better for the pilots if the lamp would say "pedal damper active" instead of "high pedal push rate", right? (because "high pedal push rate" = "so what?", and "pedal damper active" = obvious, since "damper" is a clear avionics-function. Please don't be offended, Mil-Mi engineers!)
  2. Since there sadly are (afaik still) some impolite DCS pilots out there (on PvP servers) who don't "like the voice" of some other very polite DCS pilots (and ignore those polite pilots because of this voice-thing), this would be an excellent solution. (the impolite pilots wouldn't even know that the pilot right next to them is a pilot whose voice they don't "like" so everybody would finally get along totally fine!)
  3. Please add animations/gestures for player pilot characters, so that players can play different animations that other players can see, for non-verbal communication to either the left, center or right side. (signs like these: , -waving, , , , salute, , hand moving pointing ahead and indicating to other pilot/s to take off asap/hit afterburner and fly ahead)
  4. You updated Defender just before the download?
  5. Custom files/changes in savedGames/scripts are not deleted with DCS patches, right?
  6. Which OS build exactly are you using, which antivirus? I'm on 20H2, latest Defender update, no issue...
  7. Marketing-important bugfix needed, neither website/store opens nor module-manager ingame when clicking "BUY" when trying to join an MP server that has a module that is required.
  8. Or maybe even better, to hover mouse over and use mousewheel to turn it, and each step of the mousewheel translating to a step on that knob? That'd be very nice.
  9. Ok. If I recently understood you correctly, you discovered some inconsistency. Am glad you've found out and forwarded the issue! Can't wait to finally be able to check again which airfields I can land on to refuel/rearm!!!
  10. Bug is present in rossmum's stream (58 viewers, some may even have muted the stream due to being freaked out by it, who knows) https://clips.twitch.tv/PiliableWimpyFoxImGlitch-KPyooHBNUC6v5lj-
  11. Thanks, did install the cumulative september Windows Update and did install latest recommended GPU driver earlier. Just now another crash, different cause I'd guess? dcs.log
  12. Nearly 2 years later, still waiting..... Aand please consider stretching it (in height), for easier selection with mouse.
  13. CTD during taxiing Harrier on ground on Syria (multiplayer). dcs.log
  14. well, for months the engine had to be off to remove the wheelchocks, that was the (apparently unrealistic?) issue.
  15. maybe was purely a change by ED without RAZBAM having had to adjust anything, maybe that's why we didn't see any such changelog-entry.
  16. See track file, after 1st missile misses, site takes ages to launch next missile. 2nd issue is that 2nd missile makes many hard g-turns during the entire powered flight, slowing the missile down/preventing the missile from building up more speed it seems. two S-200 issues.trk
  17. IT'S WORKING!! No mention in any changelog (RAZBAM forgot?), but ground-crew can now not only remove wheel chocks with engine running, but even with tension on the wheel-chocks! (With forward thrust set!) crazy! Nice!
  18. Run this .trk, click on any airfield... it goes yellow/is selected, but no information window opens in bottom left corner.Op_Northern_Storm_v7-20210910-231847.trk
  19. Sorry, I should've edited it earlier, the brother-thing was a joke back then, as I was insanely frustrated that we still don't have official realistic ED PvP servers and that instead PvP server admins can ban anyone they simply don't like.
  20. in "known issues" thread it says "no consequences". https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/274181-dcs-mi-24p-early-access-known-issues-please-read-before-posting-issues/ Engine fire has no consequences. This will be corrected as the damage model matures. however here it appears that fire (which did NOT cause fire detector warning btw...) causes rotor blades to separate after several seconds. NoFireWarning-RotorBladesRandomlySeperating.trk
  21. page 86, P-47D, "(this process can take about 3 minutes)" actually can take over 5 minutes for oil temp. to reach 50°C
  22. searching "4YA" didn't show me any forum thread result.
  23. Please simply call it "pilot" and "gunner" for simplicity, people use those terms since at least vietnam war days when helicopters had a pilot and a gunner(s). The terms you wrote are unnecessarily confusing to new DCS players. Thank you. And thanks a lot for the information. what's that?
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