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  1. Not a server... It's a personal feature request by those of us who are looking for a more realistic DCS PvP experience... (Also, I edited 1st post just now.)
  2. 9M311-M1 according to the table on the right here. Yeah and DCS ship's A2A-missiles can even splash you several seconds after the tracking-radar is not tracking you anymore... they actually appear to have working proximity-fuzes now in DCS ! (it occured to me at least once, maybe twice already) or was terrible frustrating desync...
  3. what makes you assume that a specific server is asking for it? (I only know that it is enabled on at least 2 different PvP servers)
  4. negative, I just checked again, just for you Ashayar, and it's still the same bug that we have since over 3 years now or so? (No indication. = no way of knowing whether your ECM is on or not. Big thanks ED.....)
  5. Please add a server setting so that server-admins can finally disable that unrealistic smoke-marking of targets (for realism PvP servers). Thank you. (afaik it's unrealistic to be able to "smoke" a unit from over 1000 meters, and that smoke shouldn't last forever and should not disappear as soon as a new smoke appears... Seems that this JTAC ability is in DCS since Flaming Cliffs 3 days, or? Crazy.)
  6. Yes seriously. Don't you play only multiplayer, or play mp very regularly?
  7. https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/479-controller-assignment-bugs/
  8. instead, it is super-confusingly named fully different: "Turret to current direction lock". No wonder that 90-95% of CA players never find out how to turn on stabilization.
  9. DCS Su-25T's ECM is working, and it's an animated switch???
  10. So that the most populated servers appear on top. It's always a little frustrating having to click on "Players" button twice... (this is kinda a follow-up to my over 3 months old request here: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/257181-please-make-server-browser-sorting-to-sort-descending-instead-of-ascending-on-first-click )
  11. NoFuze.trk not sure at what range the fuze should trigger the warhead, but this looks close enough to damage it, right? (since the warhead has Continuous-rod and steel cubes)
  12. I always found it very user-friendly to have a free2play aircraft on both teams and not just on one, because that makes both teams equally accessible to new DCS players and that way makes teambalancing easier. And landing on 30° slopes to deploy Stingers on hills (or night landings on one of shortest runways with Stinger on board) was hella fun 1 year ago before ED broke the Stingers.
  13. Not anymore, it was available in the past but was removed for reason unknown to everyone (afaik).
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