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  1. Oh, I removed the ECM keybinding as in the past (in a specific DCS patch) there used to be no way of knowing whether it was on or off. I just remembered
  2. You mean Ai F-14 always rapidly switched its jammer on and off? Or is the logic broken that way even for player-F-14s who simply enable jammer once and leave it on? If I remember correctly, in a recent ED YouTube-interview it was mentioned that the term "spaghetti-code" didn't even come from the ED programming-team (but from very high ED staff instead), so we have to stop using that term...
  3. Not a server... It's a personal feature request by those of us who are looking for a more realistic DCS PvP experience... (Also, I edited 1st post just now.)
  4. 9M311-M1 according to the table on the right here. Yeah and DCS ship's A2A-missiles can even splash you several seconds after the tracking-radar is not tracking you anymore... they actually appear to have working proximity-fuzes now in DCS ! (it occured to me at least once, maybe twice already) or was terrible frustrating desync...
  5. what makes you assume that a specific server is asking for it? (I only know that it is enabled on at least 2 different PvP servers)
  6. negative, I just checked again, just for you Ashayar, and it's still the same bug that we have since over 3 years now or so? (No indication. = no way of knowing whether your ECM is on or not. Big thanks ED.....)
  7. Please add a server setting so that server-admins can finally disable that unrealistic smoke-marking of targets (for realism PvP servers). Thank you. (afaik it's unrealistic to be able to "smoke" a unit from over 1000 meters, and that smoke shouldn't last forever and should not disappear as soon as a new smoke appears... Seems that this JTAC ability is in DCS since Flaming Cliffs 3 days, or? Crazy.)
  8. Yes seriously. Don't you play only multiplayer, or play mp very regularly?
  9. https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/479-controller-assignment-bugs/
  10. instead, it is super-confusingly named fully different: "Turret to current direction lock". No wonder that 90-95% of CA players never find out how to turn on stabilization.
  11. DCS Su-25T's ECM is working, and it's an animated switch???
  12. So that the most populated servers appear on top. It's always a little frustrating having to click on "Players" button twice... (this is kinda a follow-up to my over 3 months old request here: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/257181-please-make-server-browser-sorting-to-sort-descending-instead-of-ascending-on-first-click )
  13. NoFuze.trk not sure at what range the fuze should trigger the warhead, but this looks close enough to damage it, right? (since the warhead has Continuous-rod and steel cubes)
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