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  1. It's all about HOTAS Warthog, really. Flying Hog exclusively for years, don't really care about the rest, and I own bunch of other modules (practically everything). Now, if someone (I hope thrustmaster) releases fully simulated F16 throttle, I might just consider taking up on F16 seriously. If I don't have authentic controller, I am not going to waste my time learning the surrogate HOTAS switchology. Been there, done that - decades ago, and I'm not going down that road again. BTW, been grounded since clouds update, waiting for ED to have mercy and finally fix horrible TGP FLIR bug which at the moment makes Hog unflyable.
  2. Relatively small adjustment range for IPD (60-68mm). Check IPD with your optician! Anyone with IPD larger than 68mm should be careful ... correct IPD is a must. Incorrect IPD in eyewear, beside guaranteed eyestrain and headache is very bad for your eyesight in the long run. That's the reason why IPD is one of the most important measurement for prescription glasses.
  3. Well ... no ... :) There are far more important things for simulator (DCS is simulator) monitor than refresh rate. Ultra high refresh rate is important for competitive FPS gaming where you want extreme responsivity (that's the reason why so many pro FPS gamers play in 1080p), not so for DCS. Reasonably fast, 60Hz or 120Hz Variable refresh rate monitor (and adequate GPU) is all you need for smooth visuals. What you want in SIM monitor is size and resolution. The bigger, the better. The next important parameter is seating distance from the monitor. The bigger the monitor and resolution, the bigger FOV you can get. The bigger FOV, the better your situational awareness and immersion gets. You should always set your FOV in DCS (snapviews.lua) according to your monitor size AND seating distance from it. There is even a minimum distance you should sit in front of the monitor which is dependent on the resolution - visual acuity distance. Any closer and you can see individual pixels. Some examples: 1080p 24" monitor viewed at average desktop distance of 65cm gives you FOV of 44.5 degrees horizontal and only 26 vertical 1080p 27" gives you 49.4 and 29 respectively In both cases your visual acuity distance is not optimal, you can definitely see pixels of 1080p 27" monitor at standard desktop viewing distance. On the other hand, 55" 4K display viewed at 85 cm distance would give you horizontal FOV of 71.2 and vertical 44, which is BTW very close to FOV set by ED for, say, A10C cockpit (IIRC it is 73 degrees). Visual acuity distance is not optimal even in this case. That's the reason why you see huge screens and multiple projectors in pro simulators. Now, VR is going to change all of this, but technology is still in early phase and it will take several more years for it to mature and be affordable (resolution is problem number one, given the distance of screen - basically in VR you need dual 8k screens to compete with desktop , say, 1440p visual acuity)
  4. Everything went smooth and 1.2 was updated to 1.5 gold without problem. Congrats for the milestone!
  5. Or, during all this major update project, we could have public 1.2 release with closed alpha and beta testing going on in the background. ED, we really don't need algorithmic flowcharts and diagrams to understand how to update game, do we? :lol:
  6. Right click Start button -> System -> Advanced system settings -> Advanced -> Performance, Settings -> Advanced -> Virtual memory, change -> Check if page file is system managed. If it is not, make it so. EDGE should run fine with 8GB RAM and GTX 770, even with 2GB version. Yes, some eye candy settings need to be lowered, but you shouldn't get Out of memory error if your Windows is setup correctly (page file mentioned earlier)
  7. I was in the same situation - went from Win 7 to 10. For me, the biggest issue were saitek drivers for X65f. Last beta build is stable enough, though. Everything else went smooth. Of course there is a bit of learning curve as with any other new OS, but it's not a big deal because Win10 is rather smart piece of software - it really scales and accommodates well to user's previous habbits. I'd say go for it. Pretty straightforward. Just be patient during upgrade because it could take time depending on what you have in your computer. If you do an upgrade, you have one month (that's how long win 10 keeps old system backup) to revert to win 7 if you find that it doesn't work for you.
  8. This poll is lacking "I don't care" option! :D I gave up on fighters in DCS long, long time ago. Flying helicopters and attack aircraft exclusively nowadays.
  9. Yep ... Basically 2.0 is not upgrade- it's new, paid early access release. At least for now.
  10. Now what? Nothing. Waiting for 2.0 Beta when they hopefully bring Nevada and Black Sea maps together ... :D NEVER install anything Alpha.
  11. There is no solution until 1.2 updates too ... You should deactivate module either in 1.2 or 1.5, if using both installations. That's what I have been told by Leatherneck support via email.
  12. You have probably changed your PC enough for Starforce protection to kick in. Every significant hardware and software change - motherboard, CPU, OS ... is going to change Hardware ID which is part of Starforce protection scheme. You will have to reactivate. In the future, before every significant change to PC configuration, you should deactivate any module first. That way you don't waste activation.
  13. It seems that texture caching routine has been significantly changed since last couple of updates. It's stutter time from the beginning of the mission, then after all the texture decompress/load it's smooth again. It is especially noticeable with Track IR panning and / or zooming. After few minutes into mission, frame rates stabilize. And something I've noticed - it stays that way (smooth) even when I exit and restart DCS (texture caching?) - it only start to stutter once I restart Windows. My 1.5 is not on SSD like 1.2, but on WD Black 7200RPM 2TB drive.
  14. Your system barely meets minimum requirement for DCS 1.5: That unfortunately means almost every eye candy off to avoid slide show.
  15. How can you go wrong with this monster? :D Mi-26 all the way!
  16. I'll just say this: Overzealous political correctness has been slowly destroying western civilization for the last 50 years or so. And western market is the main market for DCS. You don't change your market, you adapt to it. So there you go ... :)
  17. So this thread is basically about why people behave like they have been behaving since the dawn of time? :D Humans just do that, by their own nature - question everything, nag, misbehave for the sake of it, never satisfied ... and guess what? Some of that nagging actually change the World and push the civilization forward. Like real life, ED forum is defined by clear set of rules and there is strict moderation in place, which to me look pretty effective. Auto censorship is not needed really! Grow some skin! :)
  18. Yep, Starforce sucks, big time. It's intrusive, unreliable and generally big pain in the rear for the paying customer as we see in the latest beta patch and MiG-21bis activation blues. BTW, hat off to Leatherneck for they incredible and prompt customer support - but that doesn't change the fact that Starforce is here to punish us - paying customer. And it's relatively trivial to circumvent it, as we see in the other software titles. The fact that DCS modules are not pirated, has nothing to do with Starforce supposed security - it just mean that combat flight simulators are not mainstream product (not interesting enough for cracking groups) and we as a community are enthusiastic and supportive of Eagle Dynamics as a last standing company in Combat Flight Simulator market. On the other hand, we have to understand position of Eagle Dynamics on this matter. Being small company, covering niche market it is extremely important to have low piracy rate. So what to do? What do you think? Is there any other way to protect ED and not punish us - paying customer?
  19. It certainly looks much better as there is no distraction from those funky trees :D Cheers
  20. Ah well, I've disabled module in Module Manager, both in 1.2 and 1.5 beta until this is properly sorted out.
  21. I uninstalled MiG-21, (but couldn't deactivate?). Not going to install it until the problem is sorted out. Off to download new update ...
  22. Did everyone with Mig-21 have to reactivate after update?
  23. Source: http://sputniknews.com/world/20151107/1029748448/airbus-a321-investigation.html
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