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  1. Trees shadows The trees shadows disappear after 1 sec. in F2-F3 mode, new feature from latest update or a bug already reported?
  2. Maybe just add a poll on this thread? the statistics can help everyone.... (Mustang's mod user on this end)
  3. About my second question : "doesn't the right MFD show radar display of the radar cone ahead? like in the Flanker where I can see friend & bogie ?" Am I missing a keycomb or this feature isn't implemented in the current Mig-29? Thanks
  4. Please share your Fulcrum MP experience: - Not realistic going against the Eagle and the M2000? - Hard but possible when using specific tactics? Is it worth Learning & Practicing in order to take her to MP? Thanks another question: doesn't the right MFD show radar display of the radar cone ahead? like in the Flanker where I can see friend & bogie ?
  5. and I got shoot down twice - I wasn't expecting too much just the feeling of flying the P-51D against human players and not A.I I know - Practice Practice Practice... The thing is, reading other posts related to the Mustang, that flying this wild horse as it is modeled right now is actually suicide. compared to the FW-190 & the BF-109 the Mustang is inferior when according to history statistics it is actually the opposite. I really like flying this wild horse and I only see it as a challenge so I ask all the veterans here, with MP experience, share their knowledge how to fly against the German planes till ED give the Mustang it's accurate characteristics. Thank you for sharing...:thumbup:
  6. Great mod, This is my official one for the Caucasus:thumbup:
  7. Downloading now...anxious to test it It Has been a wish of many simmers here that a combination mod of the top 3 textures mod would be made. Days & Screenshots will tell if this one will be the top mod used for caucasus terrain map
  8. Thank's for your help firefox500, i got working and the whole dcs world looks totally different now. Beer on me m8:thumbup:
  9. There are few simmers here that sure could use your help & experience with SweetFX http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=172409 I Downloaded the latest version from here : http://reshade.me/sweetfx created a bin file and extracted the zip into it. enabled it with JSGME but ... no effects what am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help
  10. When flying with this mod I fill that the green color is too pale. is there a way to make it more deep green like in other mods? Amazing work on the textures in this mod.:thumbup:
  11. Any of the guys using Radio Standalone? I have the same issue and I reported it on the 104th thread. Once I stop the server in SR-Server app everything is O.K - I can fly in any server without server connection timeout worth to see if related...
  12. Same here only difference is I am using FTNIR V200 with 3 IR clip model - real bummer in dogfights...:smoke:
  13. For 104th Admin: when I lunch DCS-Simple Standalone with IP: for the 104th this happens: I can enter the MP server, choose a slot, aprox. after 5-6 min. I get "server timed out" and I get kicked out from MP. happened 4 times yesterday night. only after I 'stop server' in DCS-SimpleRadio server app I can fly steady with no problem on the 104th MP server.
  14. If only someone would post here an eye view picture of the pilot in the F-15 cockpit - how does the point of view of the pilot regarding the HUD, horizon and the instrument panel in-front of him... (I Googled it but couldn't find)
  15. Didn't help me, I still get the IC red shield...:helpsmilie: Update : this solution works. The new patch sure messed up few things...
  16. I saw a post regarding issues with TrackIR, I use FTNIR and I need an advise how to fix the tracking problems...thanks
  17. I see it only with the Mig-29, is it the same bug as I read here on the forum , regarding the unusual resilient of the Mig after a missile hit?
  18. F15 Eagle and Its Mission [ame=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsKC3b07gUo]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsKC3b07gUo[/ame]
  19. Definitely go with this advice; somehow you rooted Starway's mod over the original file structure. Do A repair and make sure you disabled all your mods in JSMGE.
  20. Used this Guide to refresh my knowledge on the Eagle - Great work on the Guide:thumbup:
  21. well there is always the option to combine Mustangs building files into Barthek ground textures and use it as one mod...right?
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