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  1. Try opening the mission in the mission editor and checking the radio box for the player flights. Save the mission and fly.... should be fixed.
  2. No problems m8. Its one of those things that gets easier the more you do it... I still make all kinds of silly mistakes but always learn from them! ( Not sure if you know how to iterate through tables in LUA yet but I found that this was the key to being able to do all kinds of randomised stuff ).
  3. Hmm.. difficult to diagnose because as far as I can tell, it should spawn. As a test, you could try and spawn from a single group rather than a randomised array... something like.. RED_CAP_1 = SPAWN?:New("RED CAP AJS37") :InitLimit( 10, 10 ) :InitRandomizeZones( REDCAPSpawnZones ) RED_CAP_1_SPAWN = RED_CAP_1:Spawn() -- actually spawns the group If this works then the problem is somewhere in the syntax of the "RedCAPGroups" table and ":InitRandomizeTemplate( REDCAPGroups )" Actually, looking at it, ":InitRandomizeTemplate( REDCAPGroups )" needs changing to ":InitRandomizeTemplat
  4. Could be wrong as having my first coffee of the day but you may need to add something along the lines of... RED_CAP_1_Spawn = RED_CAP_1:Spawn() The controllable then becomes "RED_CAP_1_Spawn". so "AICapZone:SetControllable( CapPlane )" would become "AICapZone:SetControllable( RED_CAP_1_Spawn )"
  5. Now that we have the Syria map and after learning about the recent conflicts there, it would be great to have some sort of ability to create multiple factions and be able to choose which factions they are allied to or fighting against. the 2 factions we have now are nowhere near enough to replicate the craziness of the Syrian civil war.
  6. How on earth can anybody make a realistic online mission for that??... the amount of factions would cause the mission editor to explode!
  7. Just went for a spin over Aleppo in a Huey... really smooth in VR for me. Actually seems smother than the other maps but could be some sort of placebo effect. The map itself is really, really good btw! (Similar spec's to you).
  8. Problem is way older than the thread and goes all the way back to the beginning. ED have been talking about revamping the AI recently and I really hope there is some substance to this. I'm really looking forward to the dynamic campaign engine but with the AI in its current state, I can only see it falling flat on its face.
  9. Thanks for that Tippis ... I'll take a look at the default tasks. (The tasks given are by a combination of MOOSE and my own crappy code btw. ) I think my point is that all of this should really be unnecessary but hopefully it will be fixed in time. edit: That seems to have worked really well so far, (needs a little more testing)... thanks Tippis! edit: Turns out to be a slight improvement but AI still make a bee-line for the client even when priority is bombers and there are other far more obvious targets available.
  10. I think its well know to ED as has been an issue even going back to the Flanker series. They are working on AI presently so it's just a matter of waiting a bit longer hopefully.
  11. No attack player order, (my own mission)... just CAP in Zone order given. I think maybe its probably less noticeable in BVR but in a dogfight its very noticable.
  12. Unable to give you that definition as right now, it would consist of only very bad words! :) (by the way... I think I could easily end up in that situation as a client!)
  13. yes.. I am thinking in terms of temporary "cheats" for AI too. It's good to know work goes on to create more substantial fixes but I'm presently feeling quite impatient as the AI has been so poor for so long and makes things that should be simple so difficult.
  14. I may be misunderstanding you Flappy but I'm not sure it is.... the AI will sometimes make its way through a big juicy bomber formation and its escort just to get at the nearest client.
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