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  1. I have pretty good internet most of the time, at 85-90MBps download speed and 10-12 MBps upload. However, every 10-20 minutes, I get disconnected for just a few seconds, and then it hooks back up. When this happens, I get timed out of the multiplayer server on DCS and have to start all over again from scratch. Very frustrating. It makes multiplayer unusable for me. I also fly P3DV4.5 flight simulator and use VPilot for that. The same short disconnection happens there, but VPilot hooks right back up with no interruption in my flight. Could DCS look into this maybe, where the server would just hook right back up without timing you out for just a short interupption?
  2. Thrustvector,thank you!!! Your suggestion worked! Now I know better how to align my nav.
  3. I flew the whole mission, and it never changed.
  4. On a user mission called Smerch Hunt, the Aircraft has four GBU-54's loaded. In the DSMS page, they have a code of ALN UNS, instead of the code of 1688. I looked in the profile page, and the code is correct. What does that mean? I cannot use them in this state.
  5. I just shelled out money for the new A-10C II, and bought some campaigns for it, namely all of the training qualification campaigns, several other campaigns in the Georgia region as well. I have since found out all of them are only for the legacy A-10C. Is there any way to change to the new A-10 in those campaigns, or will there be some free updates to them or modifications to them that allow us to change to the new aircraft?
  6. That is weird. You would think they would program the radio to show whatever frequency is on the channel you select in preset mode. Oh well, maybe the new one coming will do that.
  7. I am trying to get a handle on the UHF radio. When I put it in Preset mode, and choose a frequency, and then lift the cover and push the red button to save it, does the displayed frequency always stay on what I input? For instance, in preset channel 1, I had 251.00. I switched to preset Channel 2, and input 261.00, and clicked the red button to save it. Of course, the display now shows 261.00. However, when I switch back to preset channel 1, it still shows 261.00, not the 251.00 that should be channel 1. The actual frequency is correct, Ithink, as I can talk to whoever is on 251.00, but my display still shows 261.00 on the actual radio. When you switch preset channels, does that display on the radio not change with it?
  8. Ah, it has a 13 mile limit. That is why it didn’t work. I was beyond that. Thank you. This aircraft is amazing!
  9. I am just learning this aircraft. I did a test flight today to test our some of the controls with my Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog setup. According to the manual, if you have the HUD SOI, which I did, you can move the cursor around on you HUD, and ground stabilize it with TMS FWD short. Then it says if you TMS FWD Long, it should make the point that your cursor is at the SPI. It did not. Did I misinterpret what that TMS FWD Long command is supposed to do?
  10. It would be nice to be able to activate NWS and have it remain active until you press that button again. It is a pain to constantly have to hold the switch down. or do you?
  11. What does "giving it a curve" do? I am new at this programming stuff. :unsure:
  12. That was it, Paganus. The Axis control needed to be inverted. All is well now. Thanks, guys. You are the best.
  13. I have the TM Hotas setup, and finally bought some CH Pro Rudder Pedals. The rudder works great. However, the differential toe brakes not so well. For instance, if I apply them and then release, I can no longer move forward, unless i hit the W key on the keyboard first. Is there some type of interference going on here with a keyboard command? Should I delete the W key command? Anything else I need to program in Options to make them work right?
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