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  1. You need when you end your mission to go on the map F-10 and then wait for the marker with the target designation! That's the time to zoom in take a picture and use this as a reference for your next mission! Hope that helps!
  2. Hi guy's! I'm with the latest update and noticed the problem as the tittle! The green's radio master knob Is not adjusted properly. You can choose three positions but rotation is too short! Sorry if been mentioned before, i didn't notice! Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks a lot! It was great fun! The most difficult for me was the last 2 vs ukn (event 7 or 8,don't remember whell, before divisions! The best one was the last, more complete in many aspects.(imho) Don't wanna say much! (flare to spoilers ).
  4. Just finish the Campaign! Great job Greg(Reflected) Bio and all the other participants! Great way and reason to spend time with the Tomcat! Specially the A model as more demanding from pilot's skills! Found it though a bit short, but trust me, even a 20 missions campaign, would feel probably the same! Good job! Keep up! Tomcat forever!!!
  5. Nice! It was very weird at first, i saw the separation! I'll give a full review after I finish it! Good job so far!
  6. Hi Greg! I'm trying to find the frequency "mission 4" for my wingman and no luck! We do or don't have to tell him "engage target"? Is there any preset that I'm missing? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi Baltic I'm experiencing a problem with mission 8. Packages keep on orbiting over SP2 and they don't proceed! I'm on the right frequency! I've checked on YouTube and i saw what should happen, but it's not happening in my case! Don't know if been mentioned before! Thanks in advance
  8. Thanks Greg and all the team for this Great Campaign!!! Looking forward for the upcoming!!!!:pilotfly:
  9. I've just reach mission 11. Everything goes well and the only think i want to explain to anyone is that " trust your instruments ". A couple of wrong spelling words it's not an issue. All the triggers works fine at the moment, we don't know what is going to happen with a following update. Not because i know Greg and we fly together many years now but it's the most complete campaign i ever flew. It's not for people that have use to sneak the map and keep going. Of course one think that we didn't mention is that you have to have the God all the Saints and tones of luck in many occasions. Briefi
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