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  1. And so long as we have the auto saved file from both pilots that is was ED needs? -S
  2. [REPORTED]Vaziani no longer has runway markings? Hi guys, We have been using Vaziani as an airbase to operate from. Since the latest patch all runway markings have gone. There is no centre line, no touchdown point, no piano keys, no runway numbers. Is this deliberate or an error? -S
  3. ^ I'll work on getting one but may be a week or two. @Newy - when you say a client track and not a server track - how do I save a MP file as a client track? -S
  4. Friendly bump. Please could ED identify if this is correct as is or a bug? -S
  5. Frankenstein was the creator, not the monster. :doh: Sorry just while we are needling people about being accurate......:smilewink: -S
  6. Naturally I cant be 100% sure but having just flown a low alt mission since today's v2.5.6.49718 update I cant help but think this issue has got worse? -S
  7. Hi guys, I noticed today that the TACAN 'Yardstick' (mirroring TACAN channels to get distance data between aircraft) has developed a bug since (today's patch), after working reliably and well beforehand. I am describing this as a bug as I can't see that this is 'correct as is' as the functionality does not seem logical and also no changes were announced in the change log related to the F16s TACAN (that I can see). This issue is as follows: When a pair of (human) pilots set up the Yardstick, everything seems to work fine. However, when one of them either changes band (X/Y)
  8. Is this what you are referring to? https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=269358 -S
  9. Yes but I think this has already been reported? -S
  10. Sharpe_95


    Quite right and almost fully agree. However, while I would normally be the first to jump up and down and complain about the state of the F16 and the lack of love it is getting ATM, in my mind I have rationalised it thus (maybe it is helpful for you)?: I am the first person in the queue when it comes to 'give me my module now I dont care what state it is in', I therefore cant and wont complain when what they give is a little (or a lot) rough around the edges. I am 100% behind EDs EA business model and fully accept the fact that we will have a 'busted/not ready' aircraft for a year or two whi
  11. +1 However the OPs post is clearly not a bug but a wishlist issue surely? Recon a mod will be moving this post shortly. -S
  12. Lol - very kind of you to 'take one for the team': you will forever be held in high honour among the fledgling DCS Typhoon community and your sacrifice never forgotten. NOW STOP TALKING HERE AND GET BACK IN YOUR WORKSHOP!!!!! -S
  13. Yeah I can confirm it has never been modeled in BMS either. I'm looking forward to this too (just coz I'm a naff pilot and the more basic info is in the hud the happier I am!). -S
  14. Sharpe_95


    Well if realism is the ultimate standard we are all to apply to I would argue you should feel worse for re-arming in about 30 seconds to a minute, or changing your skin instantly, when your flicking switches in your pit while executing a 9g turn or when you get easy and consistent locks on targets low to the ground as there is no ground clutter effect on radar or when you are firing amraams BVR having not achieved clear two factor authentication of the target. And by the way, I assume you fly in a full flight suit and helmet when your in the pit and naturally we all have 2-4 hour briefings bef
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