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  1. Hmm its weird FSX doesnt map those airbases for crimea but does map it for the rest of the world. Even area 51's being totally mapped out if ya with me...so i dont see why those of crimea doesnt.
  2. Its very good i love it good job frazer:thumbup:
  3. FSX seems to map out every single airport around the world...at least for all the places i ever thought of but only one airport is present in crimea - shiverpool something....whatever the name.. So im beginning to wonder are the rest of the airports in lockon a made up fantasy?
  4. The reason why i asked about the map name was because i wanted to try flying around the zone in FSX. Sadly theres only one airport mapped in FSX and thats it. No sochi etc....
  5. Whats the name of the entire map in lockon?
  6. Holy shiat!!! Couldnt be better
  7. http://www.metacafe.com/watch/326057/israeli_pilot_land_saftly_with_one_wing/
  8. To theGozr: www.fighterops.com is for you they have every possible shit being worked on right now that you totally demand of. Its also a new project so they are filling up all sorts of demands/request/ideas/whatever you call it from simmers like you into one hell of a project in very updating progression. And as for simulating that so called turbulence to such a degree that affects all sorts of factors i doubt ED would even look into it because by doing so, it needs a total revamp of the entire engine to begin working with. Basically starting all over so its a no go for lockon. Period. Mayb
  9. As the topic goes. Will all current mods out there now that enhances FC be completely "wasted" or it still works well with it? Or is it better off uninstalling all mods before installing blackshark since i know that blacksharks engines are gonna be much better than that of FC, so still making all mods "wasted".
  10. To all the virtual thunderbirds, im speechless and this is one of the few movies that makes people wanna be a pilot someday.....just like the movie "Top Gun" back in the 90s...
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