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  1. You do not need controllers just look for: Your path will be a little different: *:\NewSteamLibrary\steamapps\common\MixedRealityVRDriver\bin\win64\OpenVRSettingsUX.exe
  2. Monitor for Mission creations also chill while having a cup of tea flying a mission not to drastic or sickly then sit friends new to VR in the cockpit during a replay and watch there minds go pop.
  3. CoderX71 That is why I said what i said over 20 post ago.
  4. When I fine tune I always low level as flying at 25000 feet is pointless to me.
  5. mm Interesting to be honest I hardly ever delete lol just wondered when this way discussed.
  6. Not sure what the child like statement above suppose to prove but haho Please Point me the link of the discussion as I must off missed this on the 2.5.6 version.
  7. Good practise to I would of thought but when did this come about not having to ?
  8. Have you tried: Move View Left: Rshift+Rctrl+Num4 Move View Right: Rshift+Rctrl+Num6 Move View Up: Rshift+Rctrl+Num8 Move View Down: Rshift+Rctrl+Num2 Move View Backward Rshift+Rctrl+Num/ Move View Forward: Rshift+Rctrl+Num* Save Position: Ralt+Num0
  9. Yea he's full of it I like my G1 very hard to decide to upgrade the only thing I don't like is the lead and after reading your experience I starting to wonder on the G2. The G1 is as sharp as a sharp thing if I push it so no problem in that department as for the other benefits of the G2 I have no interest.
  10. cheers that's all i need to know the cable on the G1 drives me nuts.
  11. Sorry I am talking about the 3d printed mask and MTV G1 no mod G2 no mod.
  12. Nice and the field of view with out the fix ?
  13. mm interesting so that being said lets say if the G1 at %100 and G2 at %50 are resources needed the same ?
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