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  1. I have mine slaved to the "Z" slider and was getting the same "juddering". I fixed it a bit by opening up a bit wider "dead zone" in the Joystick config program. Now, as long as I get the slider pretty close to center, it stays rock solid.
  2. LOL :P Ha, you don't even want to see what happens if I have to eject and have to run around and fight!! :thumbup:
  3. Leafer wrote ... "I know 99.999 % of people skip the manual and ran into the cockpits and cold fly it, so, can we get people to post their first take-offs and landings? They should be quite entertaining to behold. :D" I actually didn't find flying that difficult. First time out (on max realism)was able to fly around and land no problem. But I can really see what the testers were talking about with flying AND doing all the other tasks. I've got no understanding about the whole ABRIS thing or DataLink stuff. Thankfully, with the help of the Producers notes I was able to shoot at a truck and
  4. Well, I'd like to add my name to the list of people who would like to thank Repent for the walkthrough on the Russian purchase (also to MajorMorningWood and GregP too!). Reps all inbound. After seeing one too many screenshots I decided to make the plunge into the online purchase (via Paypal, ect). I have to admit it was a bit nerve racking, and I'll be watching my Paypal account and checking account closely over the next few weeks just to be sure :P The biggest pain was waiting the 3-5 days for Paypal to get the funds from my bank. But once that happened, and after doing as much as I could w
  5. I wish you good luck Ryuzu. I hate to say it, but you may be the test "ginnie pig" for the process. I hope it works out ok, and you can give us a report how it went and how to do it (if you can pry yourself away from the game that is). And I like your comment on this d/l. That it is like a paid demo for the short-term, until the western demo is out. I mean that price is so ridiculously small. I don't mind paying $20 for a week or so of game play until the west demo comes out.
  6. That can't be right... with the current conversion that would be $16.76 USD for the "DVD only" version. Or am I all screwed up? 1 Ruble = .03810 USD, Oct 15 rates
  7. Oh no....this is not going to go well for you....
  8. Your right. 95% is probably a bit high :doh:. I guess I was just wondering if people would mind a helo sim, that has incrediable FM, clickable cockpit, great graphics, great AI, damage modeling but there are a few parts of the aircraft which are not 100% accurate. Like the example I gave, if the radar range for a LB is 24 km in real life, but the devs made a educated guess at 20 km is it really that big of a blow to the hardcore simmers? I mean, other than real life LB or D variant pilots are we really going to know the small differences?
  9. I'm looking far ahead into the future. Past BS, past the A-10 and to the Apache addition. It sounds like the AH-64A is going to be modeled and not the "D" or LB variants. This is due to the fact that there are some aspects of the "D" and LB models (radar, etc) that are still classified. I'm just wondering what your guys' thougts are. I look at it like this... If the FM, cockpit, avionics, ect of the AH-64D/ LB can be modeled 95% accuratley, does it really matter if the devs make an "educated guess" as to the classified stuff. I mean if they guess that the LB radar has a range of 20 km, but in
  10. Just a follow up question to the joystick mapping... Just a quick question for the beta testers using a X52. Though I have not done it in the past with other games, with BS, I think I may look into making a custom joystick map for my X52 and G15 keyboard. Do any of the beta testers or devs plan on using the different X52 "modes" (green, orange, red- modes via side rocker), for the game. I was thinking about using "green" for start-up/ system stuff, "orange" for general flying tasks, and "red" for combat. Is this an old idea or something that the devs just leave up to us? If its already bei
  11. Oh, I have no doubt that modeling the Osprey with DCS's AFM would be difficult. And I know that the devs have enough on their plate and will be working hard to keep us happy with the next series of aircraft. But, I'm sure that the fact that it would be "difficult" wouldn't stear them away from doing it if it made sense in the DCS series and the community had interst in it. And yes, it is just a transport, but I do remember some fond games/ missions in LB2 where you are flying the Blackhawk on "transport missions". But, that is just me. I appreciate your guys response. I have been lerking for a
  12. So, Shamandgg, are you thinking that its going to be player-flyable or just modeled "in-game" for eye-candy? I looked back at some of the screenshots (the ones with a bunch of the aircraft circled around) and didn't see it. Either way, I guess we'll just have to see what happens. I have a feeling that I'm going to be pretty busy "mastering" :p the KA-50 and the subsequent aircraft that DCS releases. It was just a thought....
  13. I don't want to start another poll, ect. And I know that the devs have plenty to do with the KA-50, and the A-10 and Apache over the next couple of years. But, I was just thinking of some of the real challenges (and fun) of learning to master all the various aspects of flying the Osprey with DCS's AFM. I have seen videos, and interviews of Osprey pilots who say that it isn't a great plane nor a great helo, but together it can do things that no other helo or fixed wing plane can (more weight carried for longer distances, etc). It sounds like they are in the works to adding a "basic" defense cap
  14. I know its not on the list, but what about a little V-22 Osprey action? I'm looking forward to realstic FM in the DCS series. I think I would really enjoy the challenge of mastering the dynamics that the Osprey brings to the table. Its got a little bit of the helo and plane angle to it! I could see some fun multi missions where you are escorted by some Apaches to pick up or drop off some SF troops deep in enemy territory. I remember some fun missions flying the Blackhawk on Longbow2 doing just that. Well, just my 2 cents. I think whatever they decide I'm sure it will be done well. Happy holida
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