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  1. Hello ctytler, this is an interesting program you've created. Feel free to use our ExportScript and link to the appropriate GitHub page. To your question if it is possible to access DCS World with several programs at the same time using the ExportScript. Give it a simple solution, yes this will work with our new version. For this you have to adapt your application a little bit, for this I sent you a PM. CU Micha
  2. @Fakum: you copied a file from Capt. Zeen, the download included the modified init.lua files. Otherwise leave the names at LEFT_MFCD and RIGHT_MFCD, so that two 2 displays work on most planes. If you want to export special displays of airplanes, please ask in the appropriate subforums.
  3. @Fakum: Thanks for informing us about the missing Ikarus.exe. I had accidentally deleted it when I cleaned the directories 8 days ago. The Ikarus.exe file is now back in the directory structure and also in the current release download. Additionally I have added the documentation as PDF file. I apologize for the mistake.
  4. @Manitu: Ich weis nicht ob du diesen Beitrag schon gelesen hast, da steht beim Thema "Vulkan API Integration" "Long Term". Also wirst du noch ein bisschen länger keine neuen DCS Module kaufen. Ich hatte mir schon gedacht, das Vulkan ohne eine Vernünftige Multi Core Unterstützung des ganzen Spiels nichts bringt, daher steht auch beim Punkt "Multi-threading" "Long Term". Ich prognostiziere mal, das wird dieses Jahr nichts mehr... Ich lasse mich aber gerne eines besseren belehren...
  5. That's right, all types of viewports are created via the Viewport settings in the monitor configuration by DCS World. We have not described this in our documentation because it is part of DCS World. PS: @Fakum: I have fixed the broken links in the documentation.
  6. I refer again to the wikis of the respective programs, these contain extensive instructions. (Wiki Ikarus, Wiki DCS ExportScript) Please read this first and if you have any questions, please ask. You are also welcome to make suggestions for improvement of the documentation, because the whole thing depends on the participation of the users. PS: none of us developers is a native english speaker, so our english is a bit shaky.
  7. Thanks Goldwolf for your guide on Redit. The described problem with Ikarus is that you downloaded Ikarus from the wrong source. The official download is here, then the description in the wiki also fits.(the other one is the development version) There is also a wiki for the ExportScript with the installation explanation. Including a note on how to proceed if you already have an Export.lua file. You are welcome to check if you could have done a better installation with the hints. We would be happy about feedback.
  8. Laut Chizh ist geplant Zeitzünder für Bomben zu implementieren. Nach dem AMRAAM Update ist laut Chizh die R-27 CFD dran. Derzeit ist keine Überarbeitung/Ergänzug der Persian Gulf Map laut Chizh geplant. Hier bestätigt Chizh, das gerade am BS3 gearbeitet wird und dass das neue externe 3D Modell exklusiv für BS3 ist. Chizh schreibt hier das noch keine Ziviler AI Flugverkehr geplant ist und das auch derzeit nicht an neue AI Modelle wie Mig-29K oder Su-30SM gearbeitet wird, da dafür keine Kapazitäten vorhanden sind. Laut Chizh ist das Überarbeiten von vielen statischen Objekten
  9. Hello, JG14_Smil, with the Back Seat HSI is a small error in the export file L-39C.lua and L-39ZA.lua. Please just comment out the lines with the IDs 378 and 379 (this should be line 205 and 206) --[378] = "%.4f", -- Backseat - HSI2 heading {1.0, 0.0}{0.0, math.pi * 2.0} --[379] = "%.4f", -- Backseat - HSI2 commanded course needle {1.0, 0.0}{0.0, math.pi * 2.0} The values will be corrected further down the export file so that the display is correct again. For the Backseat Radar altimeter RV-5 please enter the IDs in this order in the Ikarus profile. 396 Backseat - RV-5 RAL
  10. Hello JG14_Smil, The XML (L39C.xml) file contains only the IDs for the export of the lamps / indicator lights and the displays (7-segment displays / radio frequency displays), additionally the data for the switches, push buttons and rotaries are entered. All export IDs for the instruments are stored directly in the Ikarus profile. The L39C Ikarus profile is available in imperial (L39C.ikarus) and metric (L39C-RED.ikarus) versions. If you fly only the metric version of L39C anyway, just rename the Imperial profile (e.g. L39C-BLUE.ikarus) and then rename the metric from L39C-RED.ikarus
  11. @JG14_Smil: Great that your problem has been solved by an update.
  12. Hello ZBoT, the next Ikarus version will probably have the feature to assign a keyboard command to switches. CU Micha
  13. @Ganesh wie wäre es mit der Variante die PeterP damals gebaut hat. Jetzt nicht unbedingt zwei FFB2 verbauen, aber das Gegengewicht wäre eine einfache Lösung.
  14. I agree. Also I would be happy if we could get some more information about which parts of the OB update were changed. Otherwise only the same errors are reported, because we don't know if this function was touched with the update. Personally I am interested in the functions for the export of the data, there are a lot of errors and inconsistencies.
  15. Looks pretty good already. Let's see who is finished first: you with your cockpit or ED with the module. :megalol::smilewink::music_whistling:
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