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  1. Hi Leute! Ich habe gerade mein Antivirus das System scannen lassen (Avira Free Antivirus) uns es zeigt mir die Datei "A-10C_1.2.14.36041.618-394.exe" als Trojaner an. Das ist diese Datei, die gibts zum Download auf der DCS Seite: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/de/downloads/modules/dcs_a10c_warthog/ Was haltet ihr davon? Ich bin nicht sicher ob das nur die Installationsdatei ist die gelöscht werden kann oder ob ich die brauche um die Sim zu starten. Bitte um Ratschläge! :helpsmilie:
  2. yeah i know, but how can i make them visible? is there an update or something? :rolleyes:
  3. there are no refueling baskets on multiplayer mode. how can i fix that??
  4. Thx. This is one of best part in lock on.Carrier and refueling in air.I hope someone fix this problem in next pach thx for answer buddy
  5. The same problem.If you close game and load again the same server then should work.
  6. Hi I cant refuel my plane in the air.Its happen only in MP game.Single player is ok.This is bug or refueling is impossible in MP?
  7. yeah!! it was cam2pam! after deinstalation everything works fine, thx very much!! :)
  8. i use my mouse to look around, for zoom i use the little wheel on the mouse. in older versions i had no problem, but now on flamming cliffs when i move my joystick in any direction the zoom returns to a default level, very near to the hud. now i cant focus anything becouse of jumping zoom. in options, no one view function is set on joystick. why does my joystick interrupt the zoom??
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