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  1. Salute! Find the "Producer.cfg" file in the BS Config directory: Chech this line: ForceFeedbackEnabled = true; If it's "false", than change it to "true" I hope it will helps! Br, Dummy
  2. Salute! Thanks for your work! I have a G940, I can test it on my machine. AMD Phenom II, Win7 x64. DCS BS and FC2 installed :) (I hope it will works with both sim :) ) Unfortunately I don't have a much time to fly, but if you need a tester, I can make trials in my freetime! And I have a few programmer colleague, so if you need something, maybe they can help :) Br, Dummy
  3. Hi! I'm a new G940 user, but if your profile didn't apply automatically, when you start the BS, try to set the Game executable to: "...Ka-50\bin\x86\stable\simulator.exe" within the profiler ... In this case you can't start the BS under the profiler, but the profiler will automatically recognize the BS and apply your profile. (If you use "Apply profiles to games autommatically" method!) It works for me! :joystick: And if you want to use the profiler, don't forget to clear the G940 key settings from BS! My Minijoy Skhval Settings: In Profiler: Sensitivity: 50% Deadzone:
  4. Salute all! I discovered the same thing than isoul ... It seems, than in case of 0,03, my fps is drop down ... If the value is 1, the fsp is ok, but the clouds are stuttering ... So I just start to decreasing this value ... 0,5 - FPS is ok, smaller stuttering ... 0,1 - FPS ok, very small stuttering :) So I leave it on 0,1 ... Try this and please comment it. Br, Dummy
  5. Salute! I had a similar problem, and it seems than the HDR mod was the rootcause. I just removed it, and the problem is solved. I hope it will help. Br, Dummy
  6. Salute All! Thanks fot this great SW! I found this topic a few days ago, so I went to try it at home :) My main pc is an AMD Phenom II X4, 4GB RAM, GTX275 ... the BS is running fine ... My girlfriend has an old IBM T41 laptop :) I stole it, connected via WLAN, and set up to run BSVP ... It's working fine ... But unfortunately I have the same problem than Bad CrC ... If I start the BS, BSVP connecting and working, but it's lagging, and the BS is start stuttering ... in every 2 seconds my FPS is drop down from 50 to 15-20 ... I switched off the firewalls on both machine, and sw
  7. Salute! Here is the topic from here: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=21199 You can made it easily and quickly, but the fine tuning takes some time :) After when I did it, my joy was more precise and the center deadzone is gone :) I hope it will help! Br, Dummy
  8. Salute! I have only 1 question ... did you test the magnets? :) If you already changed the sensors, and the problem is the same, it is possible than the forward magnet defected, or simply missing ... or something ... When I modded the my X52 Pro (Precision mod with the magnets ...), first I made a mistake, and faced with the same problem :) After that I just reallocate the magnets, and my joy is worked perfectly :) Br, Dummy
  9. Salute! If it's the FC1 than you need to update the StarForce drivers on your machine! Check this link: http://www.star-force.com/support/users/windows7/
  10. Salute! Unfortunately I have the same problem with Su-25T ... In the Quick start mission, I have 50-60 FPS average ... If I switch on Skhval it's fall down to max 15-35 FPS (Depending on the terrain ...) Cockpit Display resolution: 512 Scenes: High Visibility: High Shadows: Active Planar 1680x1050 AA: 4S Combined (nvidia) AF: 16x Mirrors OFF. (Amd Phenom II X4, GTX275, 4GB DDR3) I will made some test without AA and smaller cockpit disp. resolution. Cont: Without AA and AF: Cockpit Display resolution: 256 Scenes: Low Visibility: Low Shadows: Active Plan
  11. Salute all! Same problem here ... everything is great, the game is running smooth, but if I switch on Skhval, my fps is halved ... The biggest problem is than the Su-25T is my favourite plane ...
  12. Hmmm ... with this new driver, the negative FPS counter problem is solved :)
  13. Ehhh ... I have a little problem with this topic ... I use Hungarian XP (MY girlfriend hate English XP ...) and the Microsoft hotfix only works with english XP :( I have 1 or 2 games with dont work with Dualcore, (Small things ...) but I dont care ... I have more time to fly :)
  14. Hi all! I read this forum a long time ago, but this is my first post :) I'm still newbie to Lockon, but I learning :) :joystick: :book: I had a 3800+ X2 and 7900GT, 2 GB DRR, etc ... My only problem with dual core is when I try to check my FPS (Ctrl+BackSpace), I always get random numbers -100 to +120 :) The only performance drop is when sometimes in low level flight or in smoke, the game is start lagging ... I fly a hour with this new driver, but I dont see any lagging ... and I think the game is running more softly than before. :pilotfly: Try it, I think this is a good stuf
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