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  1. oh, come on MDD/Boeing .....whyyyyyyyyyyy!
  2. i would love to see this one:
  3. i know that ed does a way deeper simulation. but janes had to come up with the symbology for the ATAS. or have sources how it will/does look.
  4. didnt the japanese apaches had them from the get go? hm...lets see maybe we get them maybe not^^ as stated earlier would be nice to have. so how did janes got their information in the 90´s for their games? was it just guessing?
  5. can we still have them, just to have the choice to use them?
  6. i mean it is poible to use hellfire or gun but stinger would be nice to have^^ if i´m not mistaken they are able to carry them, but normally they dont do it. you could say the same for couple loadouts of other modules ^^
  7. I asked the question in Discord already but the info there was that more info will pop up later. so now is later are there infos if we get them to get rid of these pesky ka-50´s nd hind´s?
  8. i hope the aussies will paint there longbow guardians(they will get them 2025) in the camo pattern of the UH-60
  9. Ich hab viele Jets die mir gefallen. am meisten fliege ich die F-14 Reihe schon wegen dem Multi-Crew Aspekt. Mein Arbeitstier wenn mein RIO nicht kann ist die F/A-18C Die A-10C mag ich aber auch, wegen ihrer Rolle. Ich warte Sehnsüchtig auf den Apache und die Kiowa (ich habe Longbow 2 gesuchtet^^) und die Strike Eagle
  10. hey there, does anybody know if the liverie from the a-10c will be compatible to the a-10c ii ?
  11. is it neutral? allied? or enemy? airfield? is the radio tuned correctly?
  12. Man the Turkey is a BEAST did a mission yesterday on our server running "Crack the Channel" with a human RIO we started from a landbase with 2x AIM-9M, 1x AIM-7MH, 4x GBU-16 and one TGP we flew towards Queshm Island to bomb some Tanks. My RIO told me that there is a Radar Contact, no IFF and we were still loaded with bombs. fortunatly it was just a freaking boat he locked up :-D but the relief was short as AWACS and RWR screamed: "mig-23 from our 10o´clock". so i pulled hard left, full burner into them. for whatever reason both got defensive after i fired my one and only AIM-7--->
  13. they have some pics on there facebook with confirmed weapons - AiM-9 - AiM-7 - AiM-120 - AGM-65 - JSOW - GBU-24/12 - CBU´s - MK-80´s
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