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  1. ah-64 und kiowa. hätte lieber nen späten alpha apache gehabt...aber naja...ansonten allet mit mulitcrew is irwie geil
  2. is it even possible to mount APU-60-2 on the inner pylons ? thought they will be only available on 1 and 4 (red on the above picture)
  3. yup, mic as you can see here no beep
  4. looks more like israeli camo to me the colors are wrong^^ but yeah would love a aussie one(with correct colors)
  5. hmm, i will buy it with or without ATAS but i would prefer to have the option to mount them. i mean we even got a franken huey that never existed in this version as well and i dont think to have this option would be a game breaker.
  6. guys stop nameing the apache we get in early acces as an "A"! what we get is the AH-64D Apache! After the FCR is released it will still be the AH-64D Apache but with the Longbow Radar. the A and D model are worlds a apart system wise, cockpit layout wise and also from the outside. even the D without the radar is more capable than a A-Model
  7. i would really like to know more about the A2G usage of the R60. what did they try to hit with it? and does it worked?
  8. Hey guys can someone create a JGSDF skin for the mi8?
  9. hello, i would like to see a JGSDF skin for the gazelle like this:
  10. yes i know how they "work" in real life. but i doubt if this would have been used in a symetrical conflict/high threat enviroment. so i suggest to adjust the tactics to fit the situation and not to adjust the situation to fit the tactics
  11. okay. but who would really attack a tank or BMP/BTR formation with a "close quarter" rocket attack?! i mean there is always a dude who sees or hears you.or maybe has the gun already pointed in the general direction. there is always a "lucky guy" it all comes down to recon and knowledge. you could also do rocket strikes from far away. you got 80 of them so throw them in the general direction outside of the gun range of those pesky BMP-2 or use a shturm if you know were they are. or get a guy in gazelle to do the recon part for you.
  12. could you be more specific ? what loadout are we talking?
  13. plus one for that. i think more options is better.
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