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  1. KA-6 could provide maximum of 14,500LB Fuel. How much would a Cat or any other navy bird normally take if they would join an KA-6 during a mission? Because if im not mistaken a Cat carries 20000LB Fuel fully loaded with external tanks. So that means the KA-6 cant really top off empty birds without being dry and having to RTB itself. Or was it more used as a jump point till it reaches bigger tankers?
  2. Thank you Heatblur for making the two naval aviation aircraft that stole my heart since I was born in 1979. The Tomcat and Intruder made me love aviation. The cat was always everyone’s favorite but for some reason I was always drawn towards the stars that are outside the spotlight. The Intruder is such an aircraft, it ain’t fancy, it ain’t as pretty as the cat, it ain’t fast, it ain’t agile but damn does it look good and it can move foam and mud. She grows on you! (sweet baby Jesus grand us the version that underwent SWIP so we can carry Mavericks, Harms and Harpo
  3. Since we will see the AH-64 Apache would the UH-60 Blackhawk be a possible helo to be developed as well. Would love to fly the Blackhawk and being escorted by Apaches.
  4. Can you please make a dedicated section for the helicopters. Easier to navigate then between the planes and helicopters. Thank you
  5. So when can we expect the announcement of the A-6 Intruder? Please dear baby Jesus make my dreams come true
  6. same was really looking forward to the S version. Kinda sad this is faded into darkness
  7. So the MiG19S we all hoped for is probably never gonna see the light of day....
  8. Nice video if only the really bad crackling be gone.....
  9. If I recall @Wags correctly, he said in an interview a while ago that we should expect big news about the Hind soon. Soon is becoming a long time now... really wanted to see some updates before the end of the year.
  10. I don’t like the lightning nor does it interest me. I really hope this choice didn’t took development time and capacity away from the Mig-23.
  11. I don’t mind the new forum I just don’t like the way it looks. If they can change that a bit more towards the old format it would be good
  12. Would love that the campaign’s will be adjusted so we can use the new version. Wanna redo them all !!
  13. This sound worrying when it becomes more clear the engine of DCS is at its limit.
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