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  1. No problem Angelo i smile, as i said i'm sure all will be clarified with anticheat rules in short future and all comeback well. The misunderstood will be avoided then I dont play against some cheaters already for about two months or more just whrited down to remember and i keep on training with other pilot. One thing is very strange when i keep callsign "THRUST" life is so hard but when i change it its so much more easier, i like it, that mean all want to kill me properly ,if i win its because i did it against the best oponent skill , thats fun. Thank you ANgelo, good j
  2. Please Angelo or Flighter as we discused yesterday is there anything to do to improve JDF ? I'm sure you work on it, i'm looking forward with a so big smile. Tchusss Thrust
  3. Aie aie aie. When you come in same day and you win about 28 points and loosed other points all is counted. At this same day you go (that mean you disconect) all is counted. When you come back same day and win some points the loosed dont aprear until you loosed the first point in this moment game . then 28/11 or 7 dont remember. As flighter said when you comeback at own base you can land and eject or respawn if no locked or touched, if im touched i land alive if i can and take another aircraft, you do the same and its the rule.The other pilots eject all the time ....
  4. I'm so proud to have shaked your hand and talked with you "Monsieur Chuck Yeager" in Toulouse France, long time ago. Rest in peace and thank you so much for mankind and aeronautics. Good by sir
  5. Thank you Flighter :thumbup: Could you please clarify some other questions.:smartass: 1: After the message of kill in 1 vs 1 do we have to eject or we can respawn if our aircraft isn't touched ? 2: For friendly kills ((seen often times...because of people know :devil_2:or dont know :cry:or missile change course:Flush: , that red dont have to kill red and blue dont have to kill blue:pilotfly: whats appen then?:joystick: 2: For missile area ok understood , keep on swiming with guns or land at own runway .:gun_smilie: After landing on carrier or base do we have to eject or respawn for
  6. I said same lua for other pilots that always said we are cheaters. I read you before , we are both no chezters im sure. and for my lasts words im sincere no worries. For other words you writh Agreed Maxsin. good luck
  7. Missunderstood: When i said "your aircraft" i mean "in general" not to you then whrited under " ", we know all its impossible 35 degres per second (for UFO certainly), lmfao, pogo (south french friend) and ssun god (south korea) are so respectable. I dont want to keep fighting like this dude,only in arena, com on in Toulouse France and i will offer you a big beer (not jokingly) you are passionned by aeronautics at a big level like me. Then if i have offended you please to appologize sincerelly. Simulatorilly Thrust
  8. Instead of swearing always in forum and beeing the juge in fighting area and desapointed because board erased read it first just down there..... Dont forget to add lots of others , PUMA , Airweek, etc etc etc and you "Maxsin72 " sometimes = already noticed ... Then even an area will be constructed without any cheating mods (then very clear) in servers we will find lots of pilots always complaining and crying. We are not there to do politics only fun and realistic. Lots of pilots have already done this cheat or seems to be a cheat against me and never complaining, never. The real
  9. Areas Please admin Is it possible to add an area or server with only 1 vs 1 without missiles ?, and a manner to block the way to respawn when we are touched ?, then it will be more fun and will calm some folks :-) Is it possible ? Thank you Thrust
  10. Sky Awful For me too, and the sky is sooooo Awful :mad: in the last patch
  11. That dont work impossible to connect to the server by index, and each week end a troll stay in a slot he takes place witout playing:mad:
  12. Hi virtual pilots Please Admins. 1. Is it possible to eject troll pilots that take slot in server without Playing ? 2. Is it in your plan to separate missions and dogfights trainings ? For best recognition In the past inside BMS or Hyperlobby was a good tool to find a ACM/BFM training. Have a nice day Friendly Thrust
  13. Welcome aboard hold chaps, this is a so good news :-)
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