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  1. Depends what period of 1944. early and summer probably 109 G6 vs Mk IX. September and later 1944 G14 or K4 .
  2. The UK test on the spitfire concludes it's one hit usually . There will always be exeptions, badly damaged planes returning home, but i think those were few . @ all B17 vs 88mm .If the 88 is a direct hit (explosion on impact) very little change in my opinion for survival (last picture ). Maybe if the shell hits the tip of the wing the'res a chance for survival .
  3. The lack of Response from ED might be a response in itself . They might be considering it. Might be wrong though , it's just my opinion . Personally i think any new module is welcome.
  4. Yak 141 program was purchased by Lockheed-martin.So that could be an option as well. Mig-31 is too modern .
  5. The 262 was the first operational jet fighter .I honestly don't know what the meteor was. Even after the war the Meter suffered from serious structure problems and failures . Also the cannons jammed , harmony of control problems , compressibility problems , until it received better engines after the war ended it was also underpowered . There's more but i don't have the time . The problem is some western historians have a chip on the shoulder and cherry pick some issue with the german ,russian etc planes , tanks of other nations to artificially inflate how good their equipment was . So let's compare engines: Publication: Commercial Aviation in the Jet Era and the Systems that Make it Possible By Thomas Filburn Jumo engine 10 hours lifespan (that's also what i know for early variants ) Derwent engine life 25 hours Publication Mechanics of Flight De Warren F. Phillips Jumo engine life 25 hours (i've heart but can't confirm it was later improved to 50 hours) Also the 262's engines according to Bob Strobel are easy to change . Meteor's not so much. PS: Reliability alone means nothing .What matters is in economic terms utility (or in combat terms efficiency). For example the Sherman tank was more reliable than the Pershing tank in Korea but even so the Pershing was 4 times more efficient in dealing with enemy tanks and 3.5 times better overall. I also could write a lot about Sherman reliability problems .But like i said people aren't really interested in facts but more about pushing their agenda.
  6. There's a post war report on this matter : ADA800394 . "A" kill is : plane goes down within 5 minutes. "B" kill is: plane goes down on the way back home to base (longer period of time 2 hours i think). Seems to me 2-4 hits max for p47. Spitfire probably 1-2 hits.
  7. Did you look in the Sibnia and Tsagi database and know this ? Because one of the prototypes (T10M-10 i believe) alone made more than 80 flights over multiple years .So you claim there is no documentation on that ? Ram and geometry designed to defeat radar was first used by Germany in the 40s. Thrust vectoring technology was first used as well by Germany in the 40s on missiles . :D
  8. We were told at the time that there was more accurate documentation available for the K-4 version .Don't know more than this.
  9. First of all you seem to be taking this a little to personal . When i said : " Nothing is impossible .All you need is time and patience " my point was it's going to happen in the future probably not right now.I'm having this conversation just for fun so let's have fun together if yo want to. China is a huge market right now when it comes to video games and i see millions of views on yotube videos featuring russian fighters doing airshow maneuvers .I think eastern block fighters will become available eventually . So simulating all possible armaments for an early Su-30 variant shouldn't be a problem right ? An aircraft is composed of systems .Can you give me an example of a system that can't be simulated ? Yes i know that interview. The flight model would be quite similar to ka52.But what you said is mostly true. However there are a few more prototypes or aircraft not in service out there.
  10. Nothing is impossible .All you need is time and patience. I mean R-77 missiles are present in the game .Vympel seems to be fine with it. Kamov seems to be fine with Ka-50 .And laws work retroactively as well. Yak 141 project was purchased by Lockheed .So that could be an option . Yes it could be an option .Considering the message stated both eagerly awaited and milestone only a few aircraft fit this criteria.
  11. First of all the poll substantiates the claim that customers want a modern eastern jet more. What you posted is backed up by nothing .I'm not trying to offend you it's just the truth. Considering poll highlights the demand for western modern helicopters that also missing from the game(ka-50 but no western counterpart like Apache ).It would be black and white irrational to claim what you claimed about those . Personally i would rather buy a Kiowa that a Mil helicopter. And i would say that the customers who want a western type jet again after the plethora of western jets already in the game or being developed aren't trying to make the game a better experience for everybody (through the diversity that eastern jets would bring for mission and scenario creators ) but only looking to satisfy their selfish needs.
  12. First of all this is so simplistic is practically an objectively false statement . I do consider some of Yefim claims to be very difficult to believe .I used to believe everything western was better but then i found out things like: Russian engines are being used on US rockets like the RD180.
  13. Almost certainly the new module is not going to be the F15C: - Because a certain third party is working on the F15E .It would be like kicking yourself in the foot . - I might be wrong but i just don't see it as a milestone . While personally i would like a thrust vectoring jet and i prefer Sukhoi , i wouldn't say no to a F22. Soon or in 15 Years from now .
  14. As far as i know free only for 2 days or so just a limited offer so people can test them. And no they are same as the f15 and su27 from Flaming cliffs module .
  15. Actually i think it might be more similarity than that. As far as i know early in 1997 ka50's eight flying prototype was fitted with Samshit-50 optronics system (looks like a 25 inch ball with 4 optic windows).And as far as i know this was also what was later known as the first production ka50. Also the ka50 as far as i know was at first rejected because of not having night capability . Somone alse might know better but i would presume the version in the game is an early one because no Samshit-50 , no night vision but i'm not a helicopter man and i barely fly the module. Later as far as i know it evolved into the Ka52. Now the su-37 was part of the su27m programe (11th prototype i think) was fitted with improved electronics and thrust vectoring engines .Probably would have gone into production but there were no funds and buyers preferred a pilot and copilot variant for division of workload . Later(because IAF preferred multiple crew aircraft ) it evolved into the su30 mki and su35 respectively . Depends on the data available .For example date on the YF23 is more scarce than that on the F22.So it is possible there is less data on the Su37 than let's say Su35BM. But there's no way of knowing .
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