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  1. Deka's SD-10 lofts smoothly and conserve energy very well. In fact, adding only one line code into lua makes HB's AIM-54 smoothly loft and conserve it's energy.
  2. Currently Air to Air radar can be used to designate target for AI wingman. However, during Air to Ground role, there is no way to assign specific target for AI wingman other than pre defined in mission editor. Or order "engage target of opportunity" and just let them do stupid things. It would be nice to enable "Attack my target" command with TGP point tracking target so that AI wingman can be used more efficient way. (Like already possible in KA-50 or JF-17.)
  3. Thanks for answer. Hope this will be corrected by improvement of new missile API.
  4. I think main problem is ARH seeker just keeps tracking target forever even if missile itself run out of battery to guide. Is this correct?
  5. No. F/A-18's TWS is still only able to guide AMRAAM to L&S target. So shooting multiple bandits with AMRAAM is really hard or impossible even almost seven months passed since first introduction of TWS.
  6. > AIM-120 launch in LTWS or TWS gives RWR launch warning to the target in MP - fixed How can ED "test" such things with current Hornet's radar? Just can't believe.
  7. Let's attach trk for proper report. AI_LGB.trk
  8. What missile will be updated next? R-27 or R-77?
  9. opps

    Fuel Flow

    Thanks for reply. Looking forward to future update.
  10. In JF-17, fuel flow looks constant against airspeed. I ran engine at military power(C+T mode) for 5 minutes and observed fuel used. Test A Altitude 0 ft Mach 0.0(with wheel choks) Fuel used in 5 minutes = 5055 - 4389 = 666 lbs Fuel flow at Test A condition = 133.2 lbs/min =7992 lbs/hour Test B Altitude 25 ft Mach 0.96 Fuel used in 5 minutes = 5001 - 4330 = 671 lbs Fuel flow at Test B condition = 134.2 lbs/min =8052 lbs/hour Just for reference, I measured Mig-29's fuel flow(RD-33) via tacview. In Test A:around 7800 lbs/hour In Test B:around 12500 lbs/hour
  11. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=257303
  12. At least Deka's JF-17 Quick Guide says SD-10's overall performance should be between AIM-120B and AIM-120C. Let's see how new ED's AIM-120 behave to be released in June.
  13. Five months from initial introduction of TWS and still cannot guide AMRAAMs properly... WELL DONE
  14. I think I managed to reproduce some sort of fuse malfunctions. First and third shot should have detonated. NOTE : I set max FPS limitation to 35 so in order to replay you may need same limitation. AIM-9X.trk
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