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  1. Thanks for the detail. Awesome information.
  2. Many thanks for all the help! The answer turned out to be so simple. I was fixated on trying to find a digital readout. It makes perfect sense that the "tail" of the TACAN points right to the bearing from carrier to aircraft. Much appreciated.
  3. On my carrier approach, I call "inbound" and DCS automatically announces the bearing from ship to player. For the sake of realism, I would like to determine this myself. Is there anywhere in the HSI where this is displayed? Many thanks!
  4. In regards to the throttles bumping into one another, check out Jabbers video at the 11:45 mark ( ). He talks about some adjustments that you can make to prevent this. Keep in mind that I never had this issue. I installed the spacers at the time I attached my handles for the first time. I have plenty of room between the left and right throttle.
  5. No problem on my end. Did you put in the spacer pads on each handle?
  6. Got my order in. This was an easy decision for me. I have a F16SGRH and the product is really that good.
  7. I've solved my problem with Awaiting Additional Input error. I did not have the Extended Command Set box checked in my Vaicom preferences. Works flawlessly now! Thanks!!
  8. I am getting nothing but grief with the SC plugin. My VAICOM works fine except for the SC commands where I get "awaiting additional input". Any ideas? Thanks!
  9. The RealSimulator buttons have a lighter touch than Thrustmaster. Each RealSim button/hat has a satisfying click to them. The RealSim buttons are more like the Virpil buttons but with an even more quality feel. Also, on the F16SGRH, there is no seam running lengthwise between the two halves of the stick. The RealSim stick is a solid one-piece stick. There is a cap on the top of the stick where you access the circuit board but it's hardly noticeable.
  10. I wanted to spend a moment to tell everyone about my fantastic support experience with RealSimulator.com. I don’t think I have every seen a company more devoted to their customers. Several weeks ago I accidentally broke several pins on my F16SGRH connector after it twisted on my Virpil extension. I emailed RealSimulator and the next day they shipped me a new connector for a small fee. When the item arrived I asked how to install the connector. RealSimulator responded several hours later with a how-to video - complete with English subtitles! ( ). Once I installed the connector, I realized
  11. Heloguy- I had the same issue but found an inexpensive solution. To secure the stick to my VIRPIL extension, I purchased a metric size 4 "setscrew" and screwed it into the threaded hole in the collar of the stick. That tightened everything up perfectly.
  12. It's available for pre-order ($169.99) at Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Thrustmaster-VG-18-Grip-Add-PC/dp/B07H1Z3L67/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=Fa18+stick&qid=1559925484&s=gateway&sr=8-4 I've placed my order on a leap of faith that it will be compatible with my Virpil T-50 base.
  13. In the trailer, I wonder how much of the RIO chatter is in-game and how much was edited in? Absolutely epic video!
  14. Svsmokey- Thanks for taking the time to help me! I tired switiching to Offline mode and then back again - but no luck. I also tried renaming my DCS.OpenBeta folder in my Saved Games folder but the issues persists. I reach out to DCS and hopefully they can fit it at their end. Again, many thanks!
  15. Thanks for replaying. The modules that I am getting an activation error are Combined Arms, F-5E, F-86, FW-190, Flaming Cliffs 3, Mig 15, and UH-1. All seem to work in game after I exit each of their activation windows.
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