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  1. The technique I use (demonstrated with the compact install in the F-86 link) is to have a shared texture folder and create unique filenames for each file. This way, any shared textures can be called by any description.lua (e.g. P47_xxxSqn_back.dds), and any skins with variations will have unique names that are also called by description lua (e.g. P47_xxxSqn_front_homefries.dds or P47_xxxSqn_front_callsign.dds). There are two things that need to be done for this to work: add the path of the texture folder to Saved Games\DCS\Config\autoexec.cfg like so (if you don't have aut
  2. I can't promise that they will be compatible with Bailey's VA profiles; I try to keep the default keystrokes intact and add others, but sometimes I need to change default ones. I have, however, made the profile compatible with VAICOM Pro, and in fact it integrates quite well.
  3. All, I just had to replace the router on the server. This also means I had to update the dynamic DNS. To update to the new DNS, Go into the CTS\DB folder and open up the version.txt file in Notepad Globally replace the string mynetgear.com with tplinkdns.com Alternatively, you can download the version.txt in the original post, copy it to your CTS\DB folder, then just re-download everything. This should fix any issues until I can update the installer.
  4. On the F/A-18 and AV-8B, the undesignate function is sensitive based on whether the logical gear state is up or down (i.e. be sure to use the HOTAS to cycle the landing gear). If the logical gear state is down, the NWS button is always held to allow for the tighter steering. However, when the logical gear state is up and you only need to tap S3, it is TEMPO'd so that you always press the modifier, but S3 Short performs NWS/Undesignate. The trick to this is: Make sure your logical gear state is "up". You can verify this if the LMFD Right LED is out. Hold down S3 whe
  5. Version 2.54 is released! This version gives a lot of love to the F-16, and picked up some steam to fix bugs and enhance other profiles as well. Change Log: Added Spacebar (mission trigger activation) to CommState H2U Long. Set SRS Overlay command to PULSE to prevent rapid toggling. F-14: Added Target Size switch to RIO RMFD. MiG-15/L-39/JF-17: Removed flashing LED for manually held airbrake to improve profile stability. F/A-18C/AV-8B: Added "-1" parameter to DF/Boat Switch as Master Mode Select to force off for VR or 0 MFD users. F/A-18C: Add
  6. I posted something similar back in 2013 (a post which is unfortunately no longer accessible). The gist of the logic was as follows: The door gunner position doesn't appear to require any gauges or cockpit textures not already present with the 3D model itself, so there may not be a need to download the module itself. People who know they want to fly the Huey will have already paid for it (even more true today than in 2013). People who want a taste of it can do so for free, and ED will likely increase their sales when people get a taste of Huey greatness. People
  7. Guys, I noticed the same thing. I have Win 10 Pro (US English only). I haven't tested it beyond the F-16, but what I have tested has backed up the OP. I have also used LALT+LSHIFT combinations without trouble using keys other than H.
  8. No. The code is read into the stack regardless of whether the module is enabled.
  9. There is really nothing wrong with selecting every module, even if you don't have every module. This is mainly a convenience feature to filter the database options and profile selection to make things easier. I don't see any point in having sets; if you have the module, select the module.
  10. Are you getting stack issues? In general, I don't recommend commenting things out because I often share routines across modules. Unless of course you just mean selecting modules that you have in the GUI, which is what is intended all along.
  11. Doubtful. I have reduced stack usage by commenting out obsolete routines, so that leads me to believe that it's the code available, and not the code in use.
  12. You can fly multiplayer between steam and standalone, so no limiting factor.
  13. Makes perfect sense. BD also showed how to despawn friendly/spawn enemy in Raven One, so this is both a simple and elegant way to keep the training environment. Bullets, smoke, and explosions are bonus!
  14. Not huge on the warbirds either, but I do enjoy the P-47 and I'll definitely give Wolfpack a go. Also looking forward to Zone 5 and Fear the Bones; the Tomcat is my favorite bird in DCS by far!
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