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  1. [SOLD] Hello, fellow helicopter-loving europeans. I'm selling my Pro Flight Trainer Puma, with very little use. The price I'm asking for it is €700 + €40 shipping., which amounts to about half the price of a new one. The Trainer is is perfect condition, as you can confirm in the pictures below, having been seldom used. My 50% "discount" as it were, has to do with the original price being absurdly expensive, so I lowered mine to the price I think they should ask for a brand new (and yes, I'm aware I was "absurd" enough to buy it for that price). Here are some pics and videos of it: Pic01 Pic02 Pic03 Pic04 Pic05 Vid01 Vid02 So if you're interested and European (shipping to outside of Europe is probably expensive, but if that's not a problem to you, feel free to) PM me. Thank you. Piri
  2. I'm looking forward to these controles as well. I'm just trying to understand how the collective attaches to a chair. But they look great!
  3. Sorry to intrude, but just to point out that mine is not a Shadow PC, so the problem is not exclusive to those systems.
  4. Well, I finally managed to get the game to run, sort of. Can't really say for sure what made the difference, but I'll list what I did and maybe it helps someone out. I reverted to the previous Open Beta and the game started and ran with no problems; Inside the game I unchecked the "cursor locked in game window" box, to see if the cursor problems persisted after trying the next step; I installed the new beta again and this time what happend was that DCS's window loaded on the "background", never as the active window. I had to click on the taskbar icon or alt-tabbing into it, to enter the game in VR-off mode. If I didn't do it, I would get the "DCS has crashed" messsage. After those clicks on the task bar, I was able to run the game with no problems whatsoever. To get the game running in VR, I had to do the same thing. After starting the game, I have to click the DCS preview window in the taskbar to get the VR window to come up and to have the mouse working properly inside the game. I only put the headset on after checking that the window has appeared. If I don't do that, the VR window doesn't show up and looking through the headset, although I can see the main screen, I keep getting the out of focus message (even with every window minimized) anywhere I click with the mouse. TL,DR: After launching the game, specialy after the brief login screen flashes, keep clicking the DCS preview window in the taskbar until DCS becomes the active window and you get to the main screen.
  5. It didn't work, no. Had to revert to the previous beta and hope for some sort of hotfix . I managed to load the game in VR-off mode, but the mouse problem was even worse: now I could only move it in a staight horizontal line the with of the initial splash screen. Too bad because I was really looking forward to check multicrew on the Huey...
  6. I just tried you suggestion, but it didn't work. Thanks you for the tip, anyway. I'm sorry if I'm hijacking the thread with my situation. I made a small video of my screen and the way the mouse moves. What it shows is my desktop (my background image is of the Mi-8 cockpit, that's not the game running) and the mouse moving inside that invisible box. You can hear the DCS World main screen music coming from my Rift-S and if I was skilled enough to capture video from the Rift, you would see the mouse moving the same way, within the same limits. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5cb9up5kcv444gw/dcs.20201219-173122.log?dl=0
  7. No, I haven't. One thing I forgot to add is that I was able to start the game in VR-off mode once, but after that it always crashes.
  8. I'm having the same symptoms, if not the same problem. I've also updated to the latest Beta and now the game either crashes when starting in VR-off mode, or, when launching in VR (Rift-S), it gets to the main screen but the mouse only moves inside a very small area, the size of the inicial DCS World splashcreen. Plus it disapears from the Windows taskbar and there is never the mirror of what I'm seeing in VR on the regular screen. Here's my log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5cb9up5kcv444gw/dcs.20201219-173122.log?dl=0
  9. Thanks for the replies. I'll look into Joystick Gremlin.At first glance it seems more acessible than T.A.R.G.E.T.
  10. Hi all. Is there a way to have the TM Warthog recognize long(er) key presses in other modules besides the A-10C, without using T.A.R.G.E.T? That single functionality would be enough for me, to extend the number of commands that I can have in the joystick. If it's not possible do do it that way, how does it work with with A-10C module, then? Thank you for your time!
  11. Hello. Fellow europeans, I'm selling my Oculus CV1 with 2 controllers, 3 sensors and respective extension cables, including HDMI ans USB cables for the headset. Everything is in perfect condition and can be had for €200 + shipping. If you're in Europe and are interested, PM me,please. Cheers! Piri
  12. Yes. I forgot to update the thread. Sorry. Piri
  13. Hi augustmarine. I can give you a general explanation of how I did it - I don't remember the specifics anymore because after getting the Rift, I disassembled the whole setup and didn't got back to it. But running it in DCS was pretty easy. Windows recognized the extra monitors as extensions of the desktop. All I had to do in DCS was go to options to choose the number and position of monitors and then edit a file (can't remember the name, but it had to do with monitors) with the resolution coordinates of each display. (I'm making it sound more complicated than it really is) For instance, assuming I had a 1920 x1200 screen and I added both LDC displays, placing them at the bottom of the main screen. I would have a new total resolution of 1920 x 1680. So in that DCS file I would edit each in-game MFD to the display coordinates (x and y) of the real life LCDs. In this example, I would edit the left in-game MFD to be displayed in x=0 (extreme left) y=1201 (right below the main screen's final vertical line, but you may have to adjust a line or two). And then do the same to the right MFD. It has a little bit of trial and error until it's sorted, but it's nothing complicated. Hope that's enough to get you going. Cheers!
  14. SOLD! Hello all! I'm selling my Cougar MFD set. I still have the Cougar MFD's original packaging. You can see them setup here, with the LCDs I used with them: and here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uxz9yh8fet0skwy/20170210_193624.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/q0vcna9ew1hd8jv/20170210_193648.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/rqpsrl2pcbq8g86/20170210_193706.jpg?dl=0 Would preferably sell them to Europe (less of a hassle with the post office) If interested, please feel free to PM me. Cheers! Piri
  15. Yeah, I think I'll opt for air cooling only I have 3 other fans on the case, so I guess if go with your Noctua suggestion, for example, it will be enough. I'll post here again when I do the upgrade to let you guys know what FPS I ended up with.
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