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  1. this might help http://104thphoenix.com/integrity-check/
  2. i use reverse logic here. perhaps its me because im crazy but, i learned the flanker first because it is harder. specially with the pfm (now you have toa ctually know how to fly). if you learn how to handle the flanker and stand your ground a later transition to the f15 is gonna be a lot easier.
  3. here is my tacview. its missing the beginning due to the disconnect but it might help. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4iVdLCr1f5CRDBuLVVRTDFVTms/view?usp=sharing
  4. thats wierd. i dont appear in the tacview. you can see me before i got disconnected but when i reconnected i dont appear again.
  5. great final indeed. for the time i played it seemed almost like a chess match. got inpatient and 51st rage got the best of me. great match!
  6. congratulations guys. best of luck to both teams in the finals!
  7. I would also like to reserve another slot for the s77th. f15 or su-27
  8. S77th bandit #07 Savage 77th Venezuela f15 or Su-27
  9. my death was also "wierd" im sure its just a lag issue. it looks perfectly normal on the tac view, however, what i saw in game was completely different. i managed to get out of the engagement and extend just about 10 nm behind gabriel. I saw hawss get shoot down and gabe and i continued to rtb on full burner. then all of the sudden i died. no missle warning or anything. i would guess i actually died like it is represented on the tacview but it simply registered a lot later hence why i kept flying. however, if you guys can look into it it would be appreciated.
  10. great match guys. very fun to have this events. thank you again to the organizers
  11. i wont be able to attend the event either. thank you to the organizers anyway. i Know you guys are not at fault for the what happened. and i appreciate the effort you guys put into this
  12. thought we were on for today. the finals were scheduled for today. there shouldn't be any availability issues on any of the teams otherwise it would have been simply unprofessional and disrespectful to not be able to show for today. I cant confirm my availability for next weekend until later during the week. and im sure many of my other squadmates are going to have issues with the new date. most are from the USA and its a national holiday that day. the match should be held today.
  13. Doubt here. i committed and infringement by ignorance. during the event on the last flight i ran out of fuel in middle of the the AO. i tried to make it to an airport and failed. i ejected. i relaized that by this i was getting a well deserved loss. however, it seems i joined spectators before the aircraft actually crashed. this was considered and infringement. my question is about the relevancy of this. im getting a loss that i would have gotten anyway. are there any more implications to this? what difference would it have made if i had joined spectators after the crash? and last, i didn
  14. I personally find it useless. Not ed's fault though. It not because of Faulty modeling. It simply doesn't provide you with any real advantage. If it stayed in tws and only went to stt at the instant you launched then perhaps it would provide you with better SA. But in the end what matters is that it is represented accurately. All this without mentioning the fact that if a target is jamming it doesn't work. Personally I just use the normal scan mode and stay scanning up until the last second. That is when I lock the target and launch. This allows me to maintain bit of better SA pri
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