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  1. thanks man! this thing truly is a piece of art
  2. personally, i dont mind waiting for the clouds until they're ready and bug-free. but couldn't the hornet be updated in the meantime?there are a couple of game braking bugs right now, that many of us would enjoy seeing fixed. also the new hornet features look exciting and would sweeten the wait for those breathtaking clouds
  3. thanks! that's what i was referring to. i think some missions edit stock .lua files, hence my question.
  4. HILOK

    Easy mode AAR

    i dont see a problem in having a checkbox in the options or mission editor for "easy AAR". let everyone have their way of doing things. personally, i would prefer auto-pilot refueling or "auto-stay-connected" (after hitting the probe/boom manually) over a magical "in-zone fill-up", because this way everyone in the flight still gets to apply the procedures. also, one of the most important keys in successfully AAR is to know the picture you are looking for, when getting in position. so watching the AP refuel a couple of times will definitely help people on their way learning to
  5. unfortunately i wasn't able to make it work either
  6. didn't use it yet, but did you take a look here already: https://github.com/rkusa/DATIS it's all described there.
  7. i think it's actually the same without VR. you fly through pitch dark space until all of a sudden big bright tanker lights pop up. i hope this will be improved in the future.
  8. so in a nutshell, although AUTO does correct for crosswinds, its mechanisation is somehow wrong (?) thanks.
  9. of course, thanks. i am pretty sure though other auto flight systems exhibit this kind of behavior
  10. just one more thing. actually the ASL does correct for wind. it directs for a WCA into the right direction, and when you manage to release the bombs with VV on ASL, they are spot on. it seems only the ASL has a weird way of doing things, at the moment...
  11. thanks. i saw your thread, but i am not convinced the issues are related. the fall line is not that far off in my case... have you checked the target waypoint altitude? good to know, thanks
  12. thanks. it's an air start, so i would not expect the INS mode to be the issue here. but i will check that.
  13. when in BALT, shouldn't the autopilot correct the aircraft's vertical path to maintain barometric altitude, in case the altimeter barometric setting is changed? at least below transition level? because it doesn't. e.g. if you fly at 1000ftMSL, engage AP-BALT and then increase your baro setting, the altitude indication will rise. my understanding is that the autopilot should start descending to catch the 1000ftMSL. but it seems the hornet's AP is currently set to a fixed reference qnh. is this correct?
  14. hi everyone, i could need a good advice what i am doing wrong. the plan: low level runway bombing with snakeeyes in crosswind conditions. the problem: the closer i get to release the more the CCRP fall line starts moving left to right towards the target, making it basically impossible to follow it and end up wings level for release. i managed to make it work by slightly banking towards the fall line from the right (target side) and trying to meet it at impact point. see track. but i suppose that's not the right way to do it... conditions below, runway magne
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