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  1. Sorry it took so long to reply Yes, and example: WP01 - 500kn/15000 WP02 - 500kn/25000 The aircraft will climb at the end of the route rather than progressively throughout the transit. Make sense? Oz
  2. Merry Christmas All It appears that aircraft are not doing a "progressive" planned climb to WP altitude? I have a mission with AI departing Incirlik with there first waypoint over Hatay and they (AI) will not climb until the end thus using great amount of fuel. I did turn off afterburner however can this be corrected? Many Thanks Oz
  3. I agree 100% - we (as a community) need find a happy medium between detail and FPS, I upgraded my Graphics card to the new AMD 5700xt 8GB RAM, I have the Ryzen7 processor, and 32 GB of RAM and I am experiencing huge drops in FPS. I am using 2560 x 1440 resolution on a 32" monitor......
  4. I have a challenge for all I am attempting to accomplish the development of the following: Tankers true actions are as follows; will have an area that all refueling will occur (lets say 75 x 100 nm) they (the tankers) will setup a small orbit in a corner of the box; when a fighter group requires refueling they will contact the tanker and setup in a refueling racetrack for the group and when complete return to the small track. There is many reasons for this however the biggest is so the fighters are not chasing tankers and wasting fuel to join up. I have the 80% developed just using moving trig
  5. Team Can't get this ILS working using Tacan 31x and 108.900? Help please Oz
  6. Wake Turbulence has been disabled
  7. Thank you that is a VERY good point Cheers Harv
  8. Wake Turbulence is set to OFF
  9. The latest update seems to have corrected the problem? Interesting
  10. Hello ED, I am hoping everyone is safe during these troubled time! First and foremost I love the Normandy, and Channel terrains and all associated with WWII flying. I do have a concern that is troubling. I have been re-creating D-Day and all missions that occurred during D-Day. I have down sized the amount of aircraft etc, as it is just system overload. However, last night my group ran the STUD mission, the mid-day mission from D-Day. I had only 227 objects which included 74 B-17 Bombers which were to carpet bomb Caen. When the bombing occurred the FPS dropped to below 12 FPS and one
  11. Hello Everyone! I am experiencing intermittent stutters as I verify the quality of the missions I am developing in Normandy. I have B-17s approaching the Normandy Coast to bomb StrongPoints developed using Coastal Batteries. I have the pre-developed Defensive Positions occupied by 38's only nothing higher so no Flak. Once the B-17s are about to Carpet Bomb targets FPS drops from approx. 70 - 80 to 25 and then anything further I am seeing a drop from approx. 65 FPS every couple of seconds to 20 FPS even when the B-17s are just flying. I have approx. 50 B-17s attacking every 5 min so th
  12. I hope everyone is SAFE! I have a question regarding B-17G doing WW2 Bombing Missions; I have multiple groups of B-17G flying from England to Bomb Caen, continue to WP01 (south of Caen) make a right, and egress west. However, once the bombers complete carpeting bombing they do a 180° turn and head back to England? See picture, any ideas? Thanks Harv
  13. Team! I LOVE the map and detail that has gone into the map. I have one small issue and that is the sun is up on June 6 at like 4am which is inaccurate. I have the Sunrise & Sunset table for June here. Jun Sunrise Sunset 1 5:57 am ↑ (54°) 9:54 pm ↑ (306°) 2 5:56 am ↑ (53°) 9:55 pm ↑ (307°) 3 5:56 am ↑ (53°) 9:56 pm ↑ (307°) 4 5:55 am ↑ (53°) 9:57 pm ↑ (307°) 5 5:55 am ↑ (53°) 9:58 pm ↑ (307°) 6 5:54 am ↑ (53°) 9:59 pm ↑ (307°) 7 5:54 am ↑ (52°) 10:00 pm ↑ (308°) 8 5:53 am ↑ (52°) 10:00 pm ↑ (308°) 9 5:53 am ↑ (52°) 10:01 pm ↑ (308°) 10
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