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  1. For me SRS is working again after "back" to cheesy R282 realtek drivers instead of UAD..
  2. I got exactly the same thing, periodically the fps decrease, there are some stuttering then back to normal with a cycle of approximatively 15 or 20 seconds.
  3. Yea good idea, i ve tried it many times but no luck
  4. Hi, I have an issue with srs: since * version(but the version may not be the cause of it) *I ve installed the drivers for Nari Headphone (razer) I have no sound at all in simpleradio. Ingame, i see the white names when somone talking or when i "radiocheck" but no sound. I ve tried a lot: disabling oculus drivers, reinstalling realtek drivers etc (quite a mess) but til today nothing. As you can see below, obviously with audio preview i got a signal from microphone but nothing on the headset. Ps: when i am in game, i only heard a "clic
  5. Like this: https://www.facebook.com/Revenirenenfanceavecgoldorak/videos/2243085302461536/
  6. Hi to all, What are your AUDIO settings for DCS? What enhancements could i bring to it for a good sound (windows sonic? bass boost? etc). I'm actually having : a ALC1220 (strix Z390 H gaming) it had been quite a big mess just to use (i hope properly but not sure) the right realtek drivers... a NARI Razer headphones win10 64
  7. in this case (which is mine aswell) is it better to have a 32" 60hz with g sync 4k or a 43" 4k 60hzwithout gsync? Btw i don t find a 43 4k with gsync (at reasonnable price)
  8. I m using actually 2x MSAA with the parameter of the game. I tried the reshade's one but that s hitting my global fps as well.
  9. You were right: when i decrease the reso to 1920x1080 the selection 1.5x etc appeared, amazing.. I s there a way to activate it with 4k?
  10. Hi to all, I just rote ur comments, btw my problem is i even haven t any choice in SSAA field. For me it's just "OFF". Any idea? I got 1080ti last drvr, 6700k, 32gb
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    Bonjour, J'ai entendu de source sûre qu'il faudrait juste 2 semaines de plus avant la sortie.. :music_whistling:
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