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  1. Your 12 GB RAM is a problem and is actually lower than minimum system requirements. I'm assuming they're mismatched sticks of RAM too? With such a low amount, Windows is using your swap file which is causing performance problems (stuttering) Your CPU/GPU are fine but I'd advise you to upgrade to at least 16 GB of RAM.
  2. You're welcome ;) All the best! I'm waiting for DCS World 2.0 to drop before I come back. (Having way too much fun with the 737NGX in FSX at the moment, really putting that IFR stuff through it's paces.) Just upgraded to a GTX970 in anticipation of EDGE. Really looking forward to that!
  3. Thanks for keeping on the discussion for this thread guys. I'm glad to see it's still helping people out. Sorry to see it still hasn't been stickied though. I suppose FC 1.1 to FC 2.0 compatibility still has priority ;) Have fun guys!
  4. I did a fair bit of testing with graphics settings myself. I have the same CPU (core clock) and a 660TI Get that water on LOW no mirrors (obviously) AA at x4 is a good balance. Civ traffic OFF MFCD's at 512. you won't notice the difference. honestly.
  5. oh one more thing I forgot. as someone mentioned, your 'settings' are stored in Saved Games/DCS. you might wanna copy that folder over too (keybinds etc.)
  6. Guys, what are you talking about? You don't need the installer AT ALL. It's enough to just simply copy the entire folder from one computer to another. I have two separate installs at the moment and neither one of them used the installer. Azrayen, in fact the installer does nothing more than add a registry entry. cricnewbye, back up your current DCS world somewhere and just copy it over when you get the new computer. It's as simple as that.
  7. Imagine for one second that the reason EDGE/Nevada has been delayed so long (and so often) is that ED are bringing us something bigger than we could have thought. Sometime in the (hopefully near) future, they finally announce a release date for EDGE...the community rejoices. Over the weeks leading up to the release, Nevada screenshots are uploaded and the hype begins... Then, something happens, we start seeing "leaked" screenshots of other areas that clearly aren't Nevada. There's a shot of Manchuria here...a shot of Iraq there...Korea even makes an appearance...Rumours spread like wild
  8. ah yeah, some of the guys in my squad said there was a bug with regards to refuelling as host.
  9. Mega I posted in the other thread as it was more relevant to post there http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=1752826
  10. I'm no audio dev, obviously! I would hazard a guess that 'proto' is 'prototype file' The Sound Definitions (sdefs) are all based around the same 'template' I'd say that the error is based on something actually inside that file. Does the sim load the other sdefs in that folder? While we're on the subject, zzzspace's mod is pretty poor. I liked his samples but he's severely deluded in his 'calculations' he had the sim pitching sounds in realtime for no reason. To top it off, he basically just made every sample extremely loud for 'realism' reasons. I wouldn't bother with his mod if I were y
  11. Mega, I think the point is, there's no need to use the autoexec.cfg for sounds. You just recreate the folder structure in Saved Games and that's it.
  12. Megagoth, http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=98014
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