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  1. From a practicality standpoint, it mostly comes down to whether one doesn't like to be stuck with two analog hats on the Pro. The light status and material is quite secondary to that imo.
  2. I would guess 200 to 250 for the grip and 250 to 300 for the base based on their other offerings. So under 600 for the complete package. Of course, this is even more niche in a niche market so we'll see.
  3. Good choice. I like the VKB gimbal even better than the WarBrd gimbal and in my experience, VKB has had a lot less QA issues with their products. Your mileage may vary. I use both companies due to the different grips.
  4. So I guess CM2 owners are just dealing with it? I've read multiple reports of this but none saying that they don't have the issue. I just with they would do a WarBrd version with a shorter throw for center mount scenarios. Unevenness on the axis' would drive me insane.
  5. I've also seen a couple of reports of the replacement cams still not addressing the variances in resistance for the x/y access on the CM2 base. I'm not sure if that problem is widespread or if people have just been dealing with it or working around it somehow.
  6. Are those reasons due to QA problems with Virpil? Just curious. I like their products but their QA and constant revisions due to fixing poor design flaws, not mere feature improvements, gets tiring at times.
  7. Is the trim wheel an actual axis or a rotary encoder? I would expect it to be an axis but read somewhere on Discord that it was a rotary encoder which wouldn't make sense.
  8. A cheap tablet and Touch Portal app might do the trick for you. Works with phones as well but that would be a small display.
  9. OK, yeah, I am soooo buying this. I don't need to know anymore. Great news!
  10. I like the MFGs the best because they have the most adjustability in a lot of different ways of the pedal offerings out there. There isn't a best out there though because it's just an opinion and depends in what one is looking for in terms of design and function.
  11. My gut feeling is Virpil will be at a price point that is going to rip Komodo a new one along with better quality and more features. The big question will be any early growing pains from a new design for Virpil I understand it's a niche market, but Komodo has always been on crack for selling a base at $600 and a separate controller at $600 when the parts quality is not that great to truly be in line with those prices. When you are exceeding a grand, it's no longer time to be using 3D printed hats. I would rather spend an extra $50 per hat to get a quality one than a 3D printed
  12. I like using a large touchpad behind the throttle in VR. You control the pointer with your finger (obviously) and it's intuitive to rotate the dials by slowly swiping up or down to rotate the in game cockpit dials as well as single taps to manipulate buttons in the in-game cockpit. I found a trackball a little too awkward and I suck at using a mouse left-handed so the touchpad works well.
  13. Hm, I haven't seen that behavior, but unfortunately I don't have any good suggestions either. I had the Rift S last year, the Index this year and now the G2 and it's been smooth sailing so far across multiple genres sitting or standing. I'm running a 2080ti right now but will be upgrading once I see the real world benchmarks of AMD's highest end offering and the Nvidia 3080ti when it comes out.
  14. I haven't used it a lot yet, but used it enough to check out IL2, DCS and racing sims and it was enough that I have passed my Valve Index off to a family member because I couldn't go back to it. The Reverb G2 is so much clearer than the Index. Right now I am just going through the rest of my VR library to see if any have any glitches. Gone through a little over 20 so far and so far, so good.
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