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  1. I didn't find a controller setting for ECM on / off. On a youtube video it says CMS left / right to toggle ECM. Well, I bound the keys to CMS left / right, but it toggles chaff/flares dispensing and not ECM toggle.
  2. Using HP Reverb G2 and steam vr (but non steam dcs) Problem didn't occur with the previous release. (quick) reproducible: - start/join multiplayer game - call the menu - open the aircraft key-bindings (controller settings) - move the mouse (fast) over the bindings - it seems that every mouse movement sends an image update event to steam vr and every movement increases that delay* - after a few seconds, dcs is losing the link to steam vr and dcs is freezing - the screens on the HP Reverb G2 are going blue (yeah, blue screen without error message) - a few more seconds SteamVR Error occurs - unexpected error (-203) - restart SteamVR (that always results in terminating dcs) * on a single player mission, a steam dialog with three moving bars appears saying "wait...". After a while (maybe when all events are processed) - I can use the control settings page again - no crash like on a multiplayer mission.
  3. I totally agree. Even if much is going on with other modules. The pre-order begun and it's obviously that many people are waiting for the AH-64d (including me). For me, it is important to see what I get - had many disappointments with other early access modules.
  4. Agree, but then let's hope that they get enough pre-orders to continue the AH-64d development or even get it almost done for the first beta release if funding is essential for the company, now. I bought many early access modules and was always hoping that it is getting better than before. Most disappointing for me was the F-16 in the first stage and the AV-8b (it's much better now, after many months). Well, it depends on what you expect by buying these modules and if a feature-list exists, if that matches your expectations. If you just want to fly around with a new aircraft and have years to learn / test the upcoming (basic) features, wait for bug fixes, etc. than go for it. But because, I don't see any further (basic) AH-64d videos (cold start, etc.) I afraid that the development isn't in the stage for an release candidate in december. Anyway, I hope DCS find's an investor who is an flight enthusiast and keeps dcs on running and hopefully speed up stable development. I am afraid that the community isn't big enough for these great but niche products, to keep dcs alive or we will see more and more pre-orders, earyl-access modules and it's not possible to finish or support all of these modules. OK, it's going OT now and I will stop it...
  5. Would be great to use the own voice to send radio commands. I remember that H.A.W.X. was using (simple) voice commands, that worked great (for me) and it would give DCS much more reality.
  6. Ok, the A10 is a robust airplane and I could use the ejection seat, when / once it was necessary. But, when I fly the FA-18 or the F16, one hit kills (by AA missile) and I am not able to use the ejection seat at all. Well, the damage model also looks the same all the time. The plane is loosing the wings and goes down. I am not sure if this is the same in reality.
  7. Nice idea, but let's get a few moduls out of the beta phase first
  8. When I start DCS and go to the server list, I always have to set my filter settings (ping, etc.). Would be great, if DCS could store my last settings when I quit DCS, so I don't have to reset the filter everytime.
  9. Even when only the AI is flying this aircraft, it looks terrible from outside and doesn't fit to the detailed DCS aircrafts. A little rework on the model would be great. Btw, the engines of the F-4E could also use some rework. Looks like some textures are missing.
  10. Would be great, if DCS could support openxr like the MS FS 2020 and we don't need the additional steamVR. I had many crashes / disconnections with steamVR and would be happy if steamVR is no longer necessary for the HP Reverb G2. When it runs, it runs fine - but the bugs and disrubtions are annoying. Using the latest steamVR, Graphics drivers (RTX 3080ti), DCS.
  11. Disconnecting from an server (server shutdown, mission restart) very often results in an connection loose between SteamVR and DCS. As a result, SteamVR crashes and I have to restart SteamVR, that also terminates DCS, so I have to restart everything. Using the latest SteamVR (with HP Reverb G2), DCS World, Graphic Drivers (for RTX 3080ti)
  12. Ok thanks, then it its the category which makes the difference. I successfully avoided editing the default.lua, so far. I don't want to make changes to files after every update, like in the early A10C years when I had to copy my warthog profiles, rename... But maybe changes on the default.lua are not lost by updates?
  13. When should I press "/"? What is the function behind, because this key isn't bound to anything on my A10CII profile. I am using the HOTAS Mic switch to open the corresponding communiation menu (UHF, VHF...) from the menu I choose ATC and get the radio options. It works, when I start on the ground for the takeoff commands and it works before landing to get my landing clearance. So far it seems everything is fine. After landing, ATC wants me to leave the airstrip for parking position. Well, I leave the airstrip and stop on a "parking" position. Now, the ATC menu should change, offering the takeoff options - but the ATC menu for the airport only has the option to go to previous radio menu or close the radio menu. Looks like the trigger ist not set, that I am on a parking position...
  14. I am sure they have, but nevertheless it's eye training on VR.
  15. I would like to power on the HMCS by pressing a key. The switch is not on the HOTAS it's on the right console. Once it is powered on, you can hide/show it with DMS left long.
  16. Perhaps, it is the real behaviour / color of labels for the TGP and Maverik MFD pages, but the white/gray labels are terrible readable with the background image also in grayscale. The FCR and HSD pages can show color elements, so it would be great to have colored button labels (e.g. blue). Even known, that a real pilot doesn't need the labels - he / she already knows the button location for the desired function...
  17. After landing, there're no more radio commands for the airport on the ATC Radio Menu. Is it a bug or how can I reset the radio commands on the ground (e.g. clearance for departure...)? It doesn't matter, which aircraft I fly.
  18. When I assign the MasterArm/OFF config to my warthog switch I can turn on MasterArm in on position and the Off in the other position. However, the LaserArm/OFF doesn´t work the same way as expected (and wanted). I can toggle beetween armed and off only in one position.
  19. Sure, you're not in the mixed reality portal? You can change controls working on windows or the mixed reality portal by pressing windows-key + y Other idea, turn DCS to full screen. Select the DCS window and press alt + enter
  20. Even with the high resolution VR (HP Reverb G2) I can not read the description of the buttons 'PAGE Select Dial' and 'STEER PT Dial'
  21. Confirm. For me, selecting "reset seat position" on steamVR fixed flickering and stuttering.
  22. would be great. It seems that it doesn't exist now - I didn't find it.
  23. it is boring, waiting for every little gallon running into the tank. Can we speed up the process or add at least an animation for refueling - tank moves beside the aircraft, people attaching the hose...
  24. at least on the (super-)carrier - would be great.
  25. I don't hear anything. No wind, no water, no crowds - only planes, when they are nearby. Doesn't feel real.
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