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  1. I can not set the low and high markers, because I can not activate the altimeter. It dosen‘t get power.
  2. I am doing a cold start, but when I activate the radar altimeter at the end, it doesn't work. Even in the training mission it doesn't work. When I play a mission with running engine I can turn on / off the radar altimeter with that switch. So it seems it is a bug.
  3. Hi, I afraid the cable of my rift is gone. I have massive flickering and can not fix the cable for a steady picture. According to some articles on the internet, there's no replacement cable available, so I afraid I have to buy a new VR headset. :cry::cry::cry: - what a waste of material, if just the cable is broken. I could play DCS on 4k w/o problems and with good image quality, but to be honest, if you played DCS on VR you won't go back. So, what is your recommendation for a VR headset? Is the valve index so much better in image quality or should I go with an oculus rift s?
  4. Solved My fault. I've checked the dcs.log and recognized that the Tracks\Multiplayer folder was not accessible by dcs. I fixed that and now it works. +++ Hi, I can play single missions without any limitation and problem, but when I try to join a multiplayer game, I stuck at the loading screen. It says loading, but there's no progress bar for loading anything. After a few minutes I have to terminate DCS. What I've done so far: - antivirus / firewall deactivated - select fast server with differend scenery (caucasus, persian...) - I can see the server list w/o any
  5. Well, it's currently 50 off but it is still early access, so it should be 50 off while it is in development. Many things not implemented yet. I will go back and finish mastering the fa-18. It is also early access but feels much more mature.
  6. This thread can be closed - chappa already opened one with the same issue.
  7. Well, I didn't fly the KA-50 for a while, but with the new cockpit I thought I will give it a try. BTW: I am using a vr headset (oculus) What I recognized so far: - When I turn off mssa in the graphics settings, I won't see any terrain/objects in the Shkval. I have to use at least 2x - but I get better fps without mssa - I can not the change the brightness of the NVG - it's hard to change (activate) the three switches for the ejection seat (cover toggles) by clicking on it - the button on joystick to toggle cockpit lights, works only for two instruments (is this real?) - the gree
  8. I didn't check this, because when I activated the NVG, I recognized that I can not change the brightness (up/down). Looks like the controls just don't work. - another bug.
  9. Using the new ka 50 cockpit in VR, I can not toggle the ejection seat settings (three switches below the cover) by clicking on it. I can only open and close the cover. When it is open and I click on a switch only the cover toggles not the switch itself. The angle I look onto the switch doesn't matter. also - better contrast color for the hud in VR would be great
  10. Absolutely not - I don't know the software and what it contains. Why should I trust it and put it on a whitelist, if an AV systems detects something wrong. That's the way trojans can easily spread.
  11. Latest Update: Kaspersky warning about Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Foreign.gen in world.dll After the latest update (dcs hotfix), kaspersky recognized the Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Foreign.gen inside the world.dll. Anybody else got this warning?
  12. DCS - bugs report for a beta I was looking forward, for the new update, but I am very disappointed now. I've tried to play three mp missions, but every mission crashed at the end. I used the the F18 module only and because it was not successfull I didn't try the other modules... Mission 1: persian gulf map - take off from the runway, after a few minutes, crash - crashlog was sent... Mission 2: rearm / refuell on the carrier, activated outside view - crash Mission 3: takeoff from an carrier, while flying around the carrier there was something strange with the
  13. When I play dcs than only in vr (rift no s). Even if the resolution is not the best. I have to turn off the map on the mfd's, because lines and symbols are not readable. My best friend in vr is the vr zoom key. Nevertheless, this sim only makes fun with vr. Unfortunately, I have some black screens for just a second and then disappearing. I wonder if it is the cable...? I also recognized a problem (playing online) that after an hour (or longer) the rift shuts down (first the image stucks and then gets completly black) and then dcs crashes - or maybe dcs crashes and this is the reason
  14. :doh: so easy - yes SOI was the problem
  15. Can I see aileron and elevator trim (values) on FCS or anywhere else? Looks like the elevator trim isn't working. Well, I focused on the flaps setting for the carrier takeoff, but the problem happened again.
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