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  1. Thanks for all the imput guys. :) Especially interesting is the realisation that a jet cant do a hammerhead. I never realised that the prop wash made the difference. I was mostly confused because i remember a few years back (just after the end of the cold war), at an air show on TV, a MIG (not sure which) did some amazing acrobatics - one of which was an amazing tail slide followed by a very smooth recovery. i was ahlf under the uimpression this was a hammerhead (butnow i dont think it was). Anyway - thanks a lot all :) :horseback
  2. Hi Guys I'm trying to perform this manouvre and having problems. here are the instuctions i'm following to do one: pull into a vertical (90') climb. wait for the aircraft to stall apply full rudder (left or right, with a touch of opposite aileron to counter the rudder roll). release rudder when the nose is pointing straight down. pull up level so to be pointing 180' from the original heading. problem with this is in the f15 at below 150mph i lose all control of the control surfaces (isn't THIS a 'stall'?), and generally end up in aflat spin. I have managed to pull it off more or less if i hit the rudder at about 230mph with a 60' climb angle (to stop the aircraft from dropping below 150mph before the manouvre is complete) and with combat flaps. Has anybody managed to perform one of these turns successfully, and if so please could you advise on the correct way to do it? While we're at it - is there any way to escape from a flat spin? No matter what i do (not even the dubious 'Firefox' tactic of lowering the undercarriage) i cannot get the aircraft airspeed back up past 150mph to regain control :confused: Many Many thanks in advance :icon_supe
  3. Hi I have LOMAC, and found patch 1.02 on the main website. However - i see talk around here about patch 1.12 (for Flaming-Cliffs?) Is this patch compatible with Lock-on-modern-air-combat? Many thanks
  4. WOW Thanks WETA43 :) Alt Hold is what it was. After going through the 1st training exercise i broke into it 2nd time round using Ctl-Q. I didn't realise it had left the alt-hold on. Now works great :) Than you very very much - this is feeling like a great sim :)
  5. many thanks for the suggestion :) I'll give it a try.
  6. Am I in the correct forum? I am playing LOMAC, but nobody here seems to be having the problem i am having. I have tried two different PCs, two different joysticks (generic wirless, and MS sidewinder pro), two different windows versions (XP & 98se) but on both tests i am unable to fly these planes gracefully. I've played with the in-game joystick setup until blue in face, I've tried all the various suggestions for joystick improvements, but still i have the same problem. The virtual joystick in cockpit moves nice and smooth, the joystick test in the input setup screen moves nice and smooth, but the control surfaces seem to give me only off and on. I'm either not changing drection at all, or changing it at full deflection. How the hell do you guys control these aircraft????? I'm flumoxed!
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