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  1. Try disabling and enabling it in the device manager
  2. Received mine yesterday, the image looks a bit sharper and the sweet spot seems a bit bigger.. the colors seem a bit better but was expecting more difference in this regard. The cable and the earphones are a lot better. Have done performance comparisons between both and the G2 is marginally more demanding at the same resolution, nothing to worry about. The good part is that at least until now i can't see the borders of the screen like in the G1, need to try the face cover mod..
  3. True too, but over 170 % of SS the antialising effect mixed with the MSAA X2 is pretty good. Probably not like MSAA X4, but the clarity of the image worth the difference.
  4. True, but I was making comparisons between MSAA 4X and MSAA 2X and high supersampling and the image is a lot more crisper with the SS, the antialising effectiveness is similar and the performance is better.
  5. How you compare both at 3160 ? Both look similar or the G1 looks better? Please, focus on the edges of the city buildings, the most noticiable advantage with the high supersampling values is the absence of aliasing. Thanks in advance
  6. For me a most important question is.. the higher required resolution translates in better visuals compared to the G1 at the same resolution? I mean, it the G2 needs a 130 % supersampling to look fine.. it looks like the G1 at 130 % supersampling or there is a loss in visuals? Because if there is a bigger requirement for nothing we have a problem..
  7. Because the CPU need to calculate two different viewpoints for 3D
  8. I haven't received yet the G2 but in the G1 the colors are worse than the Odyssey +, that's because the different type of display. The problem I had with the Odyssey was the light leaks into the headset.. I ended flying night missions with a balaclava to avoid it.. the light reflected into the lens creating a very annoying effect, and something similar happens with the lights on the cockpit.. I remember how I had to turn down all the F-18 cockpit lights in order to fly.. I had no remorse when switching to the G1.. yes, the colors were worse, but the clarity of the displays, the comfort and
  9. Probably your bad performances were due the reprojection or the lack of it. I had friends who switched from the RiftS to the Reverb and find that the performance is better in the latter. In my case I switch from a Odyssey+ and get the same feeling.. Seems that the rendered resolution of the reverb is spot on and fits directly or near directly the screen, and the others render at bigger resolution in order to adjust to the screens. In other words, seems that other headsets waste a part of the rendered resolution.
  10. That's because the "image" of your room layout is messed in the wmr software. You need to clear the environment data in the wmr settings and set up the room boundary again.
  11. Another victim of this problem here, was thinking that DCS optimization was crap until I read some of the present gents in another thread. After erase the Wingwing line in export.lua I go from 30's to 10ms frametimes.
  12. I was bitten by the supersampling bug and now the native resolution of the Reverb feels odd to me, but god knows how I hate the fps reduction when looking sideways the forests/cities.. I have hope on the 3090..
  13. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7snmsepdt8oxxnl/Shadowmod.rar?dl=0 Is only a modified shadows.lua file. In this case I modified the low presets so you need to select low shados in DCS graphic options menu. There are two different files, each one with a different shadowmap size to choose. Take a look at the lua and see how it works, you can put the values that better fit your system. Actually I'm using the one with the 8192 shadowmap that looks great and with a negligible impact on performance.
  14. You can use a modified shadows.lua to get great quality shadows in the cockpit and the proximity of the plane with a negligible performance impact.
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