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  1. Update to this, with some research I found that it looks like there's an upper limit of 4000 groups, inspecting our logs this problem happens every time at some point int he mission when the supercarrier is respawning crewmen. 2020-05-2221:28:00.356WARNING FLIGHT: procCrewAssignAircraft client id 4294967295, crew_id 2, hot_start 0 2020-05-2221:28:00.356WARNING FLIGHT: crew 2 wCarrierCrew::reset_LA() 2020-05-2221:28:00.356WARNING EDOBJECTS: RegMapStorage has no more IDs 2020-05-2221:28:00.356ERROR EDOBJECTS: Failed assert `false` at Projects\edObjects\Source\Registry\RegMapStorage.cpp:4
  2. Hello everyone. We added the Supercarrier to our Persian Gulf mission today and things seem to go fine for a while but after about an hour or so we begin to see this error spamming out logs thousands of times over: [color=#B9BBBE][font=Consolas]2020-05-23 02:30:57.535 WARNING EDOBJECTS: RegMapStorage has no more IDs[/font][/color] [color=#B9BBBE][font=Consolas]2020-05-23 02:30:57.535 ERROR EDOBJECTS: Failed assert `false` at Projects\edObjects\Source\Registry\RegMapStorage.cpp:42[/font][/color] [color=#B9BBBE][font=Consolas]2020-05-23 02:30:57.535 WARNING EDOBJECTS: RegMapStorage has
  3. +1 to this. Any time a new unit is spawned the log is filled with this and performance suffers to the point of the process becoming unresponsive and we're forced to kill it. We'll be rolling back our servers in the meantime.
  4. Seeing a lot of HTTP request dcs:checksession failed with error 28: Timeout was reached at the same time we're seeing a good deal of lag on our server. Is the outgoing request done in LUA and single threaded/blocking until the timeout is reached? Our networking is pretty ok at the time, and we're also seeing 503's which further lead me to believe that the problem isn't on our connection's end, but I could wrong about that.
  5. Flying online with folks without having the struggles of keeping up with a VFS is exactly why we created https://reddit.com/r/hoggit, so might be worth it for a lot of the people I'm hearing here to check it out cause it sounds like a lot what you might be looking for. We're also all over Discord too. We're pretty active there as a Discord partner, and we're definitely always trying to help out new players, or seasoned players just looking to smoothly get into multiplayer in a low stress way.
  6. 20+ on a residential internet connection is highly likely to experience issues. NIC on the server could also be a problem.
  7. Dear lord I hope that doesn't work. If a server starts messing with my keybinds that would literally be the last time Id touch that server.
  8. My theory was that this had something to do with sounds playing due to the log files, but it's pretty coincidental. Basically it looks like something hangs up whatever thread the network communication is on for all clients that have the F-14B installed, even if they aren't flying it at the time. The simulation on the server and clients without F14 installed works fine. This was repro'd by someone testing uninstalling the module and reconnecting, they had no problems going forward when others with it installed still did. This also only seems to be happening on Persian Gulf. When we remo
  9. As an admin on Hoggit it's a pretty frustrating line to walk because we know you're upset and we try our best to ensure that player's frustrations are centered on the product. I feel like we (meaning the community, as much as the administration) does a pretty solid job at calling out bad behavior, and personal attacks are one of the few things we freely swing the banhammer for. That all being said, toxicity is not disagreeing with your business practices, even vehemently so. And we go to the extent of our abilities to ensure that the conversation stays on the product. We are not perfect as
  10. Obviously I don't have the source but it feels like when certain sounds are supposed to play with the AI F-14B, whatever thread that is handling the network communication between the affected players just stops working.
  11. At Hoggit on our server Persian Gulf At War we've encountered a weird bug with AI F-14B's. It seems like on certain events that are supposed to emit engine sounds (after burners, etc etc) on AI F-14B's on Persian Gulf only it causes every player on the server that has the F14 module installed to freeze and eventually crash to desktop. The simulation continues running perfectly fine for everyone without the F-14 installed (we even repro'd it with a guy who got a freeze with the F14 installed, he uninstalled it and no more problems). I've got a host of log files showing the issue and will a
  12. Hey guys, over at Hoggit we've been rocking Georgia at War for a good while now ( ), lately we've been plagued with rubberbanding and lag, however we have migrated our mission to dedicated hardware and all of our issues with rubberbanding and lag are gone! So I guess the point of this post is if you've tried out GaW in the last couple of weeks but got turned off by rubberbanding, we've solved that issue and we'd love for you guys to try it out if you're into dynamic, medium scale PvE that has a focus on teamwork and helping noobs. The server's name is "Hoggit - Georgia at War" and th
  13. Getting a message on our dedicated server interface that the WebGUI is under maintenance. Is there an expected ETA until we can use this again?
  14. No matter how crazy the server gets with rubber banding (And boys it's getting really crazy these days), weapons always seem to never be affected. My theory is that the weapons are all server authoritative, I obviously have no way to verify thatbut whatever it is in the netcode that handles the weapons desperately needs to be the way that client aircraft are handled as well.
  15. The icons do no appear if you are not part of the owning coalition. You can confirm this by going back to spectators then using F10 again if the server lets you see map data from spectators.
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