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  1. Even with the ADF turned off? What does the Off do then?
  2. That does indeed get rid of the beacon indicator on the HSI, however as soon as I go back to that frequency the beeping resumes, so it is indeed broken (when turned off it should actually turn off).
  3. Help :( Finally decided to use the ADF (all AB I was using had Tacans before). When I turn on the ADF, everything works fine. When I put it back to off and reactivate the SQCH, the beacon still displays on the map and the ADF beeping continues. I tried everything; switching radios for the ADF, off, on, reactivate SQCH on both radios, etc. Still cannot get the ADF to turn off...:helpsmilie:
  4. I used to have the Tacview item in the DCS options, but I noticed that I no longer have it. Currently running the latest version of DCS Beta. I tried uninstalling Tacview and reinstalling, both in version 1.7.1 and 1.7.2 (final release, not beta). It is exporting the files from DCS, but the menu just is not there. I did find those lines in the DCS log though: 2018-08-30 00:02:10.446 ERROR SECURITYCONTROL: Failed to parse manifest: mods/tech/tacview/dcs_manifest.x86_64 2018-08-30 00:02:15.942 INFO Scripting: plugin: SKIPPED 'Tacview by Raia Software': not authorized Help? :(
  5. I also offer my voice if you like; feel free to pm me
  6. Had the same issue as Sanatog, indeed deleting the lua file and rebuilding solved the issue. I also had the issue that the export script messed up my Helios export, so I modified the script as such: local lfs=require('lfs'); dofile(lfs.writedir()..'Scripts\\Helios\\HeliosExport.lua') --dofile(lfs.writedir()..[[scripts\SRS\DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone.lua]]) dofile(lfs.writedir()..'Scripts\\TacviewGameExport.lua') -- VAICOM PRO server-side script -- Export.lua (append) -- version 2.5.4 -- do not edit next line: -- 075CB672-F323-4995-B97D-AB363BAE61E4 dofile(lfs.writedir()..'Scr
  7. SUCCESS!!!! :D For those who it does not work in the F18 with the latest OB update, here is the solution that @Hollywood_315 and I found. In the DCS World\Mods\aircraft\FA-18C\Cockpit\Scripts\devices.lua you should have that line: -- HOTAS Interface devices["HOTAS"]= counter()--13 -- Stick and throttle grip In vaicompro.export.lua change the device ID in this block: if mod == "FA-18C_hornet" then GetDevice(38 ):performClickableAction(3027,0.2) GetDevice(38 ):performClickableAction(3027,0) LoSetCommand(179) would become if mod == "FA-18C_hornet" then GetDevice(13):perf
  8. Here is what I have in the devices.lua: -- Radio & Comm devices["UHF1"] = counter()--38 -- VHF/UHF Receiver-Transmitter - ARC 210 devices["UHF2"] = counter()--39 and the vaicompro.export.lua: Flush = function(self) local mod = LoGetSelfData().Name if mod == "FA-18C_hornet" then GetDevice(38 ):performClickableAction(3027,0.2) GetDevice(38 ):performClickableAction(3027,0) LoSetCommand(179) return end I see in the PTT tab that COMM1 is at device 38 and COMM2 at device 39, recognizing FA-18C; works in easy comm but not in full comms :(
  9. Tried playing around with the values (38, 39, 40, in every combination), no luck :(
  10. Just tested with easy comms and it works, still no go with full comms though
  11. Ok, been browsing all 76 pages in am unable to fix the problem. Since the OB's last update I too have the problem many have had; VA recognizes the command but is not being activated in DCS until I press my COMM1 hotkey (ralt+\). I tried everything; resetting everything in VAICOM, reinstalling to the latest version, removing and re-adding the chatter.dll, deleting all the .lua files as mentionned by another poster, repairing DCS, redoing my key binding and making sure I don't have any conflicts in DCS. No error in the log file. I'm at a loss... Attaching here my export.lua in case. Export
  12. Thank you for this! Got it to work flawlessly on my Android tablet using spacedesk. A bit too small and sluggish (low-end Lenovo 10'' Tab) so I guess I'll start shopping for touch monitors :)
  13. I was looking for an X52 blank template but none of the ones I found was to my satisfaction, so here is my own in PDF Form if anyone wants to use it. I only made it for 1 mode as I wanted it to fit on only 1 page. Left columns are blue and right columns are red for shifted state. I will use this to try and make a F/A-18C profile as close to the real thing as I can and put it in the user files shortly. Any feedback welcome :) X52 Template.pdf
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