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  1. HPO and team, you are in serius danger, there a people in this forum who has access to real su-25, and are willing to take a full throttle air strike, in order to get one of those babies you are making... I must say I am compelled to offer my house as a safehouse, for those, er... for you of course!!! Hehe Anyways keep up the outstanding work!!! and please keep us updated!
  2. Dear Hungarian Friend, As a former Saitek part "needer", I must tell you that it's very difficult to get a part from them. I had a similar problem, only worst, my stick was ripped off... Can you imagine that? Very luckily saitek support in england were kind enough, and I am very thankful for that, send me the part in question. Before that I spent 5/6 month talking/emailing to USA, Russia, China (only 1 call... doesn't speak englis, Brazil (I am from Arg, but work in Brazil)) You have to be perseverant... like a good Su-25 Pilot, who gets a toolbox with the license to fly!!! Che
  3. Again Nellen, Keep up the good work!!! Do you have more work we can see? Cheers! Galgaze
  4. Wow! I was wondering, did you create the models too? Is there a possibility to get them somewhere? Nice visual effects and stunts! very well thought!
  5. How can you attach this to the X52? Really great work!
  6. Thanks a lot for your replies, I'll keep you posted, sadly the joystick is new, but I don't have the proof of purchase, the thing is that so far I haven't been able to find this part, not even from saitek, it's really strange.
  7. Hi all, I am from Argentina and last year I've bought a new shiny X-52. To my deepest regret, I had an accident with it and the Joystick stick, was removed from the base, leaving me without any fun for 4 months now. To fix it I should get a new plastic piece, wich connects the joystick to the base. Also I would need to solder the wires that broke down. I 've contacted tech support, but they've didn't get me a solution. So I ask I you can please take a look at this, and tell me if it's possible to fix. Here I have some pictures of the plastic piece: Best R
  8. I work in a company that works with Object Also, is the panel available? Btw keep up the great work!!! Cheers! Galgaze
  9. Could you make them available? Also I work in a company which has access to a 3D printer. (for rapid prototyping), wouldn't be amazing to reproduce the actual parts??? I am really exiting about this. If I can help you with anything just ask!
  10. I've got to ask, as I really want to reproduce this here in buenos aires, Is there any chance that you'll make some blueprints available? or are you planning to sell this later? cause for some of us it'll be the best of the best...
  11. http://supermaneuver.narod.ru/ anyone willing to ship that cockpit to my house in argentina??? Cheers! and good flying!
  12. Sorry if I got this all wrong, but isn't it a little uncomfortable to use when you could have an LCD touchpad with touchbuddy profiles, and have infinite possibilities? I am using that in a vibrant 10.4'' touchscreen lcd. It's awesome, and the best thing is that it's almost the same price. 200 us dollars. I agree that this ch item should be priced 50-60 bucks.
  13. My regards for giving countrys like argentina a chance to try new combat fligtht sims, and the best is that they've decided to share. Cheers Galgaze
  14. sorry to interrupt, but do you thinks its possible for a guy like me to train with somebody? I live in argentina and my timezone is GMT -3, can I?
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