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  1. All this project is totally silenced
  2. Thank u I Need the <the Mod Name> I think its different then the Original Mod folder. I look for the F16C and the UH-1 to put Missions on the mod folder so I will see them on the DCS under the model name.
  3. Dos any one know the full Mod Directory Structure for saved games\mod\aircraft ? I need the list please of al the airplans Thanks
  4. For the last few weeks i found that the Weekly news not update as before (Fridays) also the information keep and back with the some generics info and not hot news as before. please bring back this topic to life.
  5. Hi, any news about publishing the stl files?
  6. Great work. Did any one have the 3d print file for this head? also can u please explain how u do the writhing on the black printed parts?
  7. Hi all, Any one know for way to make preplanned WP and make Them as LUA script so i can load them at any mission start? The idea behind this is to Create a preplanned WP so i can see them on the Kneeboard map.
  8. Hi all, Any one know please how can i edit and change the original Kneeboard maps where u can add a Mark using the Shift + K key ?
  9. Bailey grate work LOVE IT! can u please explain the titles like what Burs Qty ,Burst Intv ,Salvo Qty and Intv mean ? Can u please Shure your profile for the F16c?
  10. Any log for the RAT lua file ? I cant find way the Moose and the RAT file not load to the missions over Syria map
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