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  1. If it is a USB device, check whether the plug/connection is OK. The log looks like the devices gets disconnected, then connected again.
  2. It means you have these modules installed. Disabling a module does not remove it. You have to uninstall what you don't need.
  3. I said it picks its settings based on speed. By itself it always took into account object's speed and acceleration. Also, vehicles is a different story and this setting does not do anything to them.
  4. The extrapolator does trajectory prediction, which is necessary for network objects, since the information about their actual position lags behind. We came to a conclusion that we cannot have the same settings work in both taxiing and flight. This setting enables new experimental approach when extrapolator settings depend on object's speed. This should satisfy all aircraft modes.
  5. c0ff


    Трент Резнор (Nine Inch Nails) плохого не напишет
  6. Doc/Sounds/ in the DCS install folder has some documentation and a mod example.
  7. My album from March 2020 is now available on all platforms with a new cover and 2 remastered tracks: https://band.link/LeavingTheCradle
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    Мой альбом добрался до всех сервисов с новой обложкой и ремастерингом двух треков: https://band.link/LeavingTheCradle
  9. This is not right, definitely. Please, contact our support, they will provide you with debug URLs. May be the CDN route to you is far from optimal.
  10. Another release from 2020: Pale Blue Dot These simple words were used by the astronomer Carl Sagan to describe a photograph of our home planet Earth taken by Voyager-1 on February 14th, 1990 from a distance of 5.9 billion kilometers. The radio-signal traveled to Earth for 5.5 hours! All the people we know, everything happened to the humanity, all the good and the bad events — all these things occupy this tiny little grain in the vast emptiness of cosmos. dot in the vast emptiness of cosmos. “Look again at that dot. That's here. That's home. That's us. On it, everyone yo
  11. c0ff


    Наконец-то выпустил переработку трека моих друзей, группы Индиалог https://c0ff.bandcamp.com/album/- Оригинальный трек называется "Уходим в темноту". P.S. URL такой странный, потому что Bandcamp не любит русские названия.
  12. Hi! I've finally released a rework of my local friends song. https://c0ff.bandcamp.com/album/- Hope you will enjoy it even if you don't understand Russian. The title means "The cities will remember us". P.S. Other major platforms will follow in a couple of weeks.
  13. This happens when something intercepts HTTPS connections. Either your ISP or some software (malware?) on your computer.
  14. We are. The updater tries its best to keep a valid working DCS when updating. So it does not delete old files until it has all the new ones. Reinstall does not need to keep anything so it managed to install in such low-free-space environment. May be the updater can detect such situation and offer to delete old files first before downloading new ones, but this will leave you with a non-working DCS if anything goes wrong with the update.
  15. Indeed, for some files only changes are downloaded if it makes a win in DL size. However, to reconstruct the files the updater still needs disk space.
  16. This file is encrypted audio data. Looks like some part of it accidentally matched a virus signature, and generated a false positive. There's no general solution for such problems apart from whitelisting the application. Such amount of random data (and properly encrypted data does look random) will match short virus signatures with a pretty high probability.
  17. False positive. The file is encrypted audio data.
  18. Repair with "check all files" + "remove extra files" will return your DCS to its pristine state. No need to reinstall. You are welcome.
  19. the log says 00000.077 INFO : DCS/ (x86_64; EN; WORLD,A-10C_2,P47D30,WWII-ARMOUR,NEVADA_terrain) These are the only modules in your install known to the updater. Haven't you happened to delete or edit the autoupdate.cfg file?
  20. Hi! Something to do with your connection. Please, submit a support ticket, the guys will provide you with debug URLs.
  21. This belongs to the Voice Chat thread. A different issue.
  22. With 99% probability this is your (or ISP's) firewall breaking the connection.
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