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  1. The updater does detect files in _downloads, and even in the install dir, but the Syria map filers were changed in the latest update, so previous ones do no help. As for detecting free space - Windows API methods do not take symlinks/junctions into account. Free space is being checked only for the root install folder.
  2. Cannot reproduce. Most probably the freeze is for another reason.
  3. A known issue. The fix will be out with the nearest update.
  4. Sorry for being unclear, the "compatibility mode" must be disabled.
  5. Please, check the DCS_updater.exe Properties page if Compatibility mode is enabled. It should be disabled for the updater to correctly detect your OS version. (Upgrading Windows 7/8 to 10 enables this automatically for all installed apps.)
  6. If it is a USB device, check whether the plug/connection is OK. The log looks like the devices gets disconnected, then connected again.
  7. It means you have these modules installed. Disabling a module does not remove it. You have to uninstall what you don't need.
  8. I said it picks its settings based on speed. By itself it always took into account object's speed and acceleration. Also, vehicles is a different story and this setting does not do anything to them.
  9. The extrapolator does trajectory prediction, which is necessary for network objects, since the information about their actual position lags behind. We came to a conclusion that we cannot have the same settings work in both taxiing and flight. This setting enables new experimental approach when extrapolator settings depend on object's speed. This should satisfy all aircraft modes.
  10. c0ff


    Трент Резнор (Nine Inch Nails) плохого не напишет
  11. Doc/Sounds/ in the DCS install folder has some documentation and a mod example.
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