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  1. Hello Crazy. I use Modman to install my skins which makes it easy. Every plane has a limited amount of slots for skins. Say you go to the Loadout screen in the misson planner and pick a skin. For each plane you have a limited choice, say 2 for the Canadian F-18 (can't remember the exact number). That means there are 2 slots for that plane. You will notice that the skins over at Lockon files ussually note the slot number that they will install over so if it says #1 it will be the first skin that you can select for that plane after installation. Hope that helps. See ya.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Yes I noticed that the server must be setup to allow clients to record. Does this mean that if I play on server that is not setup to record that the recording button toggles off in Tacview and even if the next server I play is set to record it will not since the recording button has been toggled off?
  3. Every once in a while for a reason I can not explain, Tacview will stop recording. I will click the button to record and exit. ACMIs will be recorded for a while but then all of a sudden when I go back into Tacview the record button is set to off even though I last left it on. This is only happened since I downloaded the last version. Any ides guys? Btw, this is one awesome free tool! Thanks to the creators! Thanks
  4. Thank you sir! Better always carry some SARH missiles for those busy situations!
  5. While we are on the topic of friendly fire can we discuss missiles missing their intended target and possibly hitting a friendly? If someone could please confirm the following is correct: IR Missiles: A radar lock is required before firing a IR missile but if a friendly was very close to the intended targeted a/c then it possible, but unlikely, that the missile will go after the IR signal of the friendly if it was stronger than the target. ARH Missiles BVR/WVR modes: Once an AIM120 or R-77 goes active and you break radar lock on a target, if a friendly a/c is near by it is possible th
  6. Ok, it's not too bad to get it to work. Copy the 3 folders in the zip file to the proper FSX directory, Aircraft to \SimObjects\Airplanes, Gauges to Gauges, and Effects to Effects. Then open the "panel.cfg " file under the SimObjects\Airplanes folder with Notepad and change the entry that says "SIZE_Y=3899" to "SIZE_Y=6143". There is actually 2 files called panel.cfg, I edited both. I like the addon overall but the speeds obtained are unrealistic, (might be due to the fact that it was designed for FS2004) and the Virtual Pit is not as professional as the planes that come with FSX or Lockon
  7. Well it seems Gozr had some luck but with out definite instructions I'm hesitant to buy the product and possibly find out that there will be issues with FSX. I'll wait until they release a certified for FSX version. Cheers.
  8. The "Teamspeak Overlay" program I use reports Directx 8.
  9. Instead of Blackshark I would have preferred if ED worked on full 6DOF pits, and Advanced Flight Models (like the Su-25T), for all aircraft, as well as missile realism adjustments. I would have payed for that easy. Just my opinion, I'm thankful for Lomac as it is!
  10. Thanks again Gozr!! That is a great video!!! It seems every new reply you give I have a new question :doh: In your very first thread you mention SU-27 for FSX but the Alphasim site says their release is for FS2004 only. Did you modify it for use in FSX or does it run in FSX without modification?
  11. But where did you get the plane itself. free download?, payed download? Where can can I buy it? Thanks again
  12. Hey Gozr, could you please say where that SU-27 model is available from. What is the flight model like in comparison to Lockon? Especially stalls. Thanks
  13. No problem. Thanks for the reply and the great utility.
  14. A little bump. Wondering if there is a fix for my issue for this great utility. Thanks
  15. Hello, I searched all 11 pages but found no reference about using large font 120DPI settings for the display in Windows XP. I see someone on the first page probably had the same issue but it looks like it wasn't resolved. Using 120 DPI (I use it because I use a 24" WS) LOCFG does not display properly. Options etc are out side of the window that is displayed and you can not scroll to see them. Setting my Font DPI to default of 96 fixes this but it is a pain to change the DPI setting as it requires your XP disk and a reboot. Can it be fixed? Thanks for the program it's worth re-booting a couple
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