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  1. Did something change? Nothing about it in patch notes.
  2. I tried this out couple nights ago just for fun and was able to hit multiple, non-stationary targets on single pass. Granted.... this was on a nicely arranged column of trucks set up in mission editor. Line up on first target at max range, target with TGP, fire rocket and lase until hit and at same time fire off additional rockets every half mile. Upon first hit, shift TGP to next target with laser on. Boomtown. Shoot more distant target first so TGP view not obscured by explosions. Probably a better way, but it works!
  3. Off topic but what do pilots call the "HMCS"? Seems like kit usually stuff gets a slick backronym but nothing jumping out at me on this one!
  4. Yeah something going on with your account, that's not right
  5. Once I logged in, price for the module was displayed at $9.99.
  6. I just figured there would be some kind of indication in HUD showing optimal launch parameters. A circle, something. I'm not suggesting this isn't how it "is" I have no idea. Would not expect rocket to hit something at closer ranges with laser pointing too far off (pod) boresight though. How maneuverable is this thing?
  7. Watched Wags video surprised there's no que in the HUD when employing APKWS to help pilot make sure the rocket can actually see the designated target when it comes out of the tube.
  8. COMPLETELY agree. And knowing there's a clickable button/switch to do everything you need to do in the cockpit makes the sim easier to get into in my opinion. Assign a few obvious commands to the stick, hop in the plane/helicopter, start pushing buttons, flicking switches, see what happens. I can appreciate the additional complexity in developing ASM though, they kind of have to go most of the way to make every button/switch actually do something.
  9. Anyone know what functions are assigned to the castle switch on the F-15C stick?
  10. I've been Googling for F-15 flight manuals and such in an attempt to setup my Warthog a least semi-accurately for the F-15C, but the manuals I've found for A thru C models (as of 1986 at least) don't reference the "castle" switch seen on the in-sim stick. Was this added in later C/D models or is the in sim stick actually an E stick?
  11. Biggest problem using Target with DCS/FC3 series right here. I love the easy setup of switches to do functions similar to that described here with Target. I need to learn this LUA scripting language.
  12. Fictional Western US vs Eastern US with Colorado Rockies being the dividing line. Great scenery here folks. China + Russia invade the US across the Pacific. US coastal defenses are overwhelmed, but the Rockies slow down their march and set the stage for... a new DCS theater.
  13. Except that to my knowledge you cannot fully custom map three position switches on the TM Warthog within DCS and must use TARGET to do so. In my opinion, TARGET really does allow greater function over DCS. The exception being DCS: A-10C due to the sweeeeeet marriage of DCS: A-10C + TM Warthog that requires damn near zero tinkering to work 100% as it should. Note: DCS: A-10C + TM Warthog ease of use is NOT normal, which is why TARGET exists.
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