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  1. Hi, Adding the LAU-88 is compromise ED has been made with the community: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3920366&postcount=21 Probably, ED is simulating the LAU-88A/A launcher that has improved launcher electronic unit (LEU) and provides "Separate Boresight Memory Setting". That means that LAU-88A/A LEU retains the missile boresight setting. Once the first missile is boresighted, the launcher provides the same boresight correction to all missiles on the LAU-88A/A. I just tested that in DCS F-16 and TPG boresight procedure is possi
  2. Hi, The summary is as follows: - The AGM-65 mounting procedure induces an unknown amount of misalignment. - Those misalignments is corrected by boresighting the missile LOS to the HUD/TGP LOS. - Missile boresight is most accurate if performed in the air on a realistic target. - The AGM-65 boresight procedure may only be performed on the ground if the missiles do not have dome covers installed. - The TGP can also be used for boresight. - The object used to boresight the missiles to the TGP should be as far away as possible to limit parallax error
  3. Hi, You are right, I tested as well. This should be bug. According to relevant -34 manual boresighting is done with the same target selected with TGP or HUD. Best regards, falconbr
  4. Hi, This is break lock mode. If you try TMS up when no lock conditions are met, you get break lock mode. You should use TMS down command to exit the break lock mode. Best regards, faconbr
  5. Hi, If our goal is to stuck to simulate real F-16, this procedure is the must. The borresight in PRE/VIS mode without TGP is also needed. Best regards, falconbr
  6. Hi, Try TMS down on WPN page. Best regards, falconbr
  7. Hi, According the RL manual, automatic hand-off of a TGP tracked target to an AGM-65H/K/L is not supported (only possible for IR Mavericks). This is correct simulated in DCS F-16CM. You should use TGP MAN mode, select the target with TGP, switch SOI to WPN page and TMS up to lock on target. Best regards, falconbr
  8. Hi, If you have done proper boresight and TGP is in AUTO hand-off mode, when you fire the first handed-off maverick, the second maverick should be on the same TGP selected target. You should use TMS-right to lock on the second maverick to the same target. Best regards, falconbr
  9. Hi, O.K. Thank You for info. I just reinstalled the DCS World and F-16C. This time I tried the stable version of DCS In addition to the problem with the weapon release, you mentioned, definitely in VIS and BORE mode there is a problem changing the missile firing order, using MSL STEP button, when two targets were previously locked. As in PRE mode, using MSL STEP should alternate the selection of missiles on stations 3 and 7 while both missiles retain track. That not the case in VIS and BORE mode, i.e. using MSL STEP both tracks can be lost (LAU-117, 2xAGM-6
  10. Hi, O.K. Thank You for info. I will reinstall DCS World and DCS F-16C and will let You the results. Best regards,
  11. Dear Sirs, According the DCS F-16C manual and RL dual targeting is possible in EO VIS and EO BORE mode. This is correct modeled and works in PRE mode. VIS mode: - There are missile HUD LOS circles for target number 1 and target number 2 and relevant mnemonics 1 and 2. - There is not possible to change the launch order using an MSL STEP switch, as in PRE mode. There is strange behavior of HUD LOS circles when use MSL STEP switch and TMS-Dn command. - Regardless release pulses settings, after depress and hold WPN REL only th
  12. Hi, I think so. The misalignment should be corrected by boresighting the missile LOS to the HUD LOS. So, in real life, it can be done in VIS mode. I tried to to that in DCS F-16, but I can't do proper alignment. Maybe is a WIP or it is not planned. Any comments from the moderator or developer? Best regards,
  13. Hi, No, it isn't a bug. It is break lock mode. It is happening when the pilot tries to lock the maverick beyond the missile effective range and when the ir/contrast condition is not met. You should use tms-dn command to out this mode. Best regards,
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