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  1. You were right. Works like normal now. Thanks! Art
  2. Hello all. I'm wondering about the catapult launch. Usually the speed builds quickly after launch. Lately it seems that it's near stall and barely able to get above 170 KIAS or so. I'm doing nothing different than I used to when it worked perfectly, but perhaps a recent update changed something?? I don't know what info you need but I will try to get it for you. Has anyone else suddenly had this issue? Thanks, Art
  3. A possible bug? I noticed that aircraft absolutely stop when coming in contact with grass. I don't know about the mains, but when the nose gear gets into grass, even afterburner will not move the plane. I was using the M2000 at the time. I haven't tested it in any other aircraft yet. Cheers,
  4. I'm trying to target the 3 T-72 MBTs and maybe that pesky SPAA nearby that keeps tearing me up on the first campaign mission in the A-10A. They are visible on the screen but the seeker will not stay on them.
  5. Ok, I posted this earlier in another part of the forum by mistake, so forgive me if you have read it. I have Flaming Cliffs 3 and I am completely unable to get the AGM-65 to lock on to the right target. I'm flying the A-10A and select (7) for Air to Ground and then select the AGM-65D. I magnify the seeker image and move the reticle over the target area and hit (ENTER) to stabilize. I then try to fine tune it by moving it over a target but it keeps just snapping back to a building, or a bridge or anything else that is close by and saying "Shoot! Shoot!" By the time I get it to stop tracking what I don't want it to track I get shot out of the sky. This is completely frustrating as I've tried to complete even the first A-10 mission for two days! Any help would be appreciated as I'm about an inch away from hanging my head in shame and just sticking with MSFS. :cry: Art
  6. Sorry, I posted this in the wrong area.. Now I don't know how to move it. Art
  7. Ok, I'm trying to pass the first mission of the FC3 mission with the A-10A and I can't seem to get the AGM-65D to lock on to the tanks. I get the aiming point close to the target and press "Enter" to ground stabilize.. then use the keys to try and move the aiming point onto the tank.. but it keeps switching to the bridge or basically any other structure nearby saying "Shoot.. Shoot". Then before I know it I'm in range of the anti-aircraft guns and get shredded. What am I doing wrong? This is really frustrating.
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