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  1. hey guys i'm close to getting my commercial license and some pilot other day mentioned that in most planes the best angle of climb(Vx) is very close to the best glide speed(for range)


    why is that?


    i have looked throught my books and can't find the reason, im guessing the answer would lie somewhere in the power curves graph


    any idea?

  2. right under your nose in this same forum section on same front page ;)


    time for an eye exam :doh:


    funny how you put it... but in essence thats exactly what it gives u... and more... especially relevant to teammate positions... :lol:


    this would make the f15 complete


    my baby :)

  3. Or use Yoda's LEAVU and get the minimum of MPCD functions you should have.

    Migs on the other hand should remove this capability.


    ...and add couple of others!


    oops my bad ..i din't mean for navigation

    but when your mfd displays info from awacs and other radar's, the position of bandits friendlies etc..the same way its shown on russian mfd's


    edit: nevermind..saw yoda's project

    can you guy's integrate that into fc 2.0?

  4. the ability to open the window and take out your kalashnikov and shoot bobberos's ass off


    lol..seriously how about gun fire from the heli? maybe a pistol if not a rifle


    DCS: Blackshark "call of duty" anyone? :gun_rifle:

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