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  1. Works perfectly with this new version, thanks Pal.
  2. Thank you I'll try that, don't worry about your English is fine.
  3. I'm unable to get any radio menu what so ever, I turned off "easy communication" in the option menu and I use the "Pilot's radio trigger RADIO" (default key is R.Alt + \) without any success whatever I do, I always get the same message "AUTO Londres. heliport de départ. Décollage" 'Sorry it's in French.
  4. Hello to all I have a problem with the installation of combined Arms since the update of the version 1.2.10 and even more now, I bought it with you (DCS) in March, 2013 and I have a license number. The situation is as follow, CA which was instaled and worked perfectly (I used it several times), a few weeks after the update of 1.2.10, CA disappeared in modules, in tabs, in homepage of DCS the small icon of CA is there but in gray color and when I click it, it asks me to buy it and finally in a mission F10 no small tank is present. Now the paradox is that the file of CA is present in " DCS Wo
  5. Long vie à l'escadre virtuelle 3rd Wing à l'occasion de son 10e anniversaire.
  6. Thank you for your help I also think my problems come mainly from my CPU that is not fast enough, so I already ordered a new Motherboard and a new i7 CPU. I disabled all the stuffs you advised me including the options, I actually won a few FPS but not much. I did not skip any.
  7. Hello I have a small problem and I don't know how to solve it, when I fly on the A10C or the HU-1H after a few minutes my screen freezes for about 7-8 seconds, so when I fly on strafing pass, landing or others near the ground situation when the screen returnes to normal I'm only a fire ball. In cruise configuration it's not that bad. As far as the game progresses these occurrences are getting more frequent. The PC has been cleaned and DCS World was reinstalled not long ago. My config: Windows 7 - 64 bit AMD Phenom II - 2.20 GHz RAM 8 gb Graphics Card AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series (pilot O
  8. Je respect tout à fait ton expérience dans ce domaine, je pense que tu as raison mais comme tu le dis ça coute rien d'essayer. Merci
  9. I'm afraid you are right, I expected this kind of answer, thank you for your reply maybe I should invest in a larger graphics card. Thanks
  10. Bonjour a tous J’aurai besoin d’un petit coup de main avec Helios Je vous expose la situation, j’ai deux PC, Le PC 1 : Qui est le PC principal, est un Windows 7 avec une carte graphique AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series, avec trois écrans en Eyefinity, la carte n’en support apparemment pas plus. Sur ce PC j’ai DCS World et Helios. Le PC 2 : Secondaire, est un Vista avec comme carte graphique une NVIDIA Geforce GT 240 et deux écrans un principal de 22 pouces et un secondaire de 19 pouces, il y a également Helios. Maintenant le but est d’avoir l’écran de 19 pouces du PC2, comme affichage
  11. Hello I need a little help with Helios I explain the situation to you, I have two PCs, PC 1: Who is the main PC is a Windows 7 with an AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series, with three screens in Eyefinity, the graphics card does not appear to stand more. On this PC one I run DCS World and Helios. PC 2: Secondary is a Vista as a graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 and both a primary and a secondary 22-inch to 19-inch screens and I also run Helios. Now the goal is to have the 19-inch screen of the PC2 as display instruments for the A 10 C running in World underneath the three screens of my
  12. Thanks, nicelly done, I flown Huey for years in the south of France (I'm fench nobody's perfect) in forest fires, i'll get a better look at it and if I have a sugestion i'll let you know, but from what I've seen you'r pretty good my freind. Thaks again
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