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  1. Maybe too much RAM? 128GB RAM makes hiberfil.sys + pagefile.sys quite large. Give it a try with 32GB or 16GB RAM.
  2. You are right, atsmith6. I had exactly the same stutters as he posted in his video. I moved the Windows TEMP-folders from my ssd to the hdd (yes.. to hdd!!) by changing a environment variable, see here. After that, the game runs smooth as butter... While in flight, DCS writes the trackfiles into those TEMP-folders, causing the game to stutter on some systems. Switching these to another disk, preferably on another SATA-Controller (most mobos have 2 of them) helped alot in my case.
  3. It's not about installing DCS to another drive. Ist about moving Windows TEMP-FILE folder for the useraccount to another drive, simply by changing a variable. Check my link above again and give that a try, costs you 5 minuntes.
  4. Actually moving to HDD solved the issue in my case. It's a SATA issue with some ssd-models. ssd/hdd benchmarks might be misleading here...
  5. I had the same peridoc stuttering and found a solution: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2842194&postcount=8 maybe this helps in your case, too?
  6. finally solved periodic stuttering / pauses I had a lot of stuttering, micro-pauses every few seconds that made the game unplayable, even with lowest graphic-settings. Finally I was able to solve this, and i like to share my insights: While in flight, DCS constantly writes track-data to the folder: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\DCS I moved my TEMP-Folders to another disk, as described here. After system reboot all my stuttering was gone :thumbup:. Root cause was a performance issue with my old kingston ssd (Model-Nr. KC300), it had very low read/write performance wit
  7. :huh: sorry but you did not understand what i mean. I stated: - when enabling shadowplay it reduces stutter on my system - when disabling it, the stutter is back so actually putting stress on my system removes stutter in dcs world
  8. @msalama: could you please try the folowing and report back if it helps: http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2685875&postcount=58
  9. I found something interesting with my nvidia gtx 970 gpu... when i enable shadow play within geforce experience (green button switch), all the stuttering is gone. as soon as i disable it, the stuttering is there again. tested with driver version 361.75. please check if this is reproducable.
  10. Update: with Version the stutter (in single-player) ist almost gone. The game is very playable for me now. Only very little stutter when watching intense AI ground vehicle fights. Good work ED, keep it up!
  11. same here, stuttering even on lowest graphic settings :-(
  12. Ich hatte das gleiche Problem unter Win7 x64 Professional. Bekam immer die Meldung "Black Shark funktioniert nicht mehr". Ursache war meine (zweite) Soundkarte. Diese habe ich deaktiviert und danach zur Kontrolle "dxdiag.exe" ausgeführt, lief fehlerfrei durch. Nun läuft auch Black Shark (V1.02) wieder...vielleicht hilfts jemanden. Flocke
  13. I wonder when the patch 1.02 for german users will be released. Any news? Flocke
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