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  1. Guys, You made my day. Thanks a lot! I couldn't find out this multiple TDC depress stuff myself, mostly it didn't worked for me, now I know why (L&S vs. DT2). Also, AACQ will be my best friend when in hurry :) - KGB -
  2. Hello Folks, Maybe a noob question... So now I'm using LTWS for providing some more SA for a BVR scenario. You are having contacts in your radar screen, you designate/soft-lock them and as GGTharos wrote this mode won't provide L&S capabilities - correct. Now how can I quickly achieve an STT from this point, to be able to successfully guide an AAM to the target? So far the only solution for me was to go to DATA and unbox LTWS which is not really an option from time perspective when you are setting up your attack... Or LTWS is more for SURV/policing and doesn't meant to be used for such
  3. INS alignment not starting Cold and dark manual startup: INS alignment doesn't start neither using GND on airfield nor using CV on Stennis. Reproducible on MP/SP anytime. server-20190318-210021.trk
  4. You have to turn on AA in game, but only the lowest 2x. Then the MFAA will work like a charm, it won't do the same as 8x MSAA, but looks OK for me with much less performance hit then 8xMSAA in-game with deferred shading on. If I set 2xAA only without the NV ctrl panel MFAA, it looks much worse. Attaching the in-game settings as well. The avg. FPS I get is around 45-60, with peaks to 110 and worst ~35. No stutters here. GPU is Gigabyte GTX970 gaming G1 - KGB -
  5. Try the settings attached. Then go to in-game settings, set MSAA:2x, AF:16x See if it is working for you, it works for me.
  6. Sure, I'm not expecting it to be available for all modules. I'd just like to see a statement on which modules they are planning to make it usable. I think that's a reasonable question before anybody hits the buy button :)
  7. Back to the original question: What other modules can possibly get the NS430 system? If a single purchase will allow me to use it for several aircraft (L-39, Mig-15,...) then I will go for it. It would be very nice to see an official statement on this. Until then, I'll just wait and see.
  8. Time to properly introduce ourselves to the new beauty, and get to know each other before the first dating :) Thanks LNS, appreciated! -KGB-
  9. I can confirm, it is not working, no matter what bindings I set between the troops and Mi-8 in the mission editor embark option. Mission attached. Any tips? VML_prop_training_grass.miz
  10. Did that several times with the Fishbed successfully. I used the same landing method as usual, normal glidepath around 350kph, flare around 320kph and slowly pull back on the throttle. The only thing I found more difficult landing on the lake bed, that it is hard to keep the plane centered on the runway on the final, from lower altitudes the edges of the runway can be hardly seen. I can imagine, that you don't realize that you are off the runway and the gear collapses on the bumpy surface. - KGB -
  11. I know, that i7-980X along with the chipset was a very high-performing configuration back in 2011-13... I might be wrong, but you can be also limited by your CPU or chipset, particulary the PCI-e bandwidth (PCI-e gen3 supported on your board?). The bottom line is, most probably there's nothing wrong with your nv970, it's just time for a new mobo/cpu to squeeze out the rest from your new GPU. The i7-980X is a 6 years old architecture. - KGB -
  12. Hi, As the title says, tested on the ground and in the air. If two Mig-21 planes are in a close proximity (within around 10 meters or closer), the fps drops a huge amount. With my specs (i5-3550/16GB/NV970) the fps drops from a stable 80-110 to 5-10 fps. As the two planes are moving away and the distance increases the fps comes back. Thanks, - KGB -
  13. I would recommend the same... - KGB -
  14. Thanks Guys, disabling Avast was the solution. After the OB had been started once with avast disabled, it will work with the avast is re-enabled again. Never had this issue before, thanks anyway! - KGB -
  15. Hello, I have the same problem, 1.5.2 will not start after the update. No joy with the tips above. Any suggestions? There is not too much in the logs, no errors no root cause. - KGB - dcs_log.txt
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