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  1. thanks for replying. I'm already aware of those relay modules, but I have no idea how to "write" a software/program for it... i also have a usb-remoted plug strip, which would also be ok for me, but it seems that I can not control individual usb-ports, even with devcon.exe program. for now I can just switch the trim-system off (no force on the stick, I can use it normal) or I switch trim system on and the magnets hold the stick in this position where I switch it on. I center the stick, then switch it on. stick is stiff but I can control it against the force of the spring loaded rods, whe
  2. hi! trim magnets working good, but I'm still searching for a solution for my problem... does anyone have an idea how I could interrupt the current with a press on my hotas button?
  3. OMG, it's so beautiful! :-) Please, stop teasin'... release it <3 just one question, does the pilot still have digital camouflage or is it already an earlier camo?
  4. Hey Eight Ball, any news on the 47? I'm just so excited... :)
  5. hey guys, quick question: I'm trying to implement some real trim magnets (24V) to my home cockpit and therefore I'm searching for a solution where I can push a joystick button on my thrustmaster hotas. does anyone have some helping informations which usb-relais board I should get? it also needs a software where I can map a button from my joystick to activate/open/close a circuit... :helpsmilie:
  6. Leute, bitte nicht vergessen... Early release. Mag zwar schhon relativ "fertig" erscheinen, ist es aber nicht. Heckrotorsteuerung zur Zeit nur mit Pedalen, Tastatursteuerung kommt später. Wir sind in Kontakt mit echten Gazelle Piloten, welche uns bestätigten, dass (wie im Vergleich zur UH1 zum Beispiel) der Trimmknopf eher selten bis garnicht betätigt wird, sondern wenn, dann nur der Chinahat minimal... Tipp: nach dem startup, bzw. vor takeoff, die Trimmung ca. 2-3 sekunden nach hinten und alles ist in Butter ;-) Edit: ...und am besten angewöhnen das rote Fensterchen mit Strg+Ente
  7. this friday is going to be awesome :D
  8. Thats a nice one Skulleader...! I also wish a winch and troops/pax/cargo on board and cablecutters on slick version :thumbup: and maybe a bambi bucket or similar for firefighting
  9. I own all modules... but the best one is (will be) the Gazelle
  10. Thanks Neo, working great! :thumbup:
  11. Hi! Ganz einfach... Im Missionseditor links das Schiffsymbol auswählen und dann rechts Flugzeugträger auswählen und platzieren. (zB bei USA Carl Vinson) Dann Hubschrauber auswählen und in etwa darüber platzieren. Dann noch bei "Type": Takeoff from runway oder parking auswählen, danach hüpft das Hubschraubersymbol genau auf das Schiffsymbol... ...und fertig. LG
  12. Good night everyone... the Gazelle is keeping an eye on you while you are asleep. Even on first of April :lol: postet with kind approval from Polychop
  13. guys please... Polychop are a group of 3+1, nearly working 24/7 to bring you a new standard of detail and dynamics. besides that, they have to go to work. and they have their contracts with ED. so better to work on the module, than reading tons of posts here... right? im not allowed to give you insider informations, but give some respect to the developers and stay calm. it is coming soon™ and believe me, the wait is worth it :thumbup:
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