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  1. You get those broken shadows when you use "Flat" Terrain Object Shadows. Switching to "default" should fix the issue. You'll probably notice a small drop in FPS
  2. Having 5k hours in Path of Exile, I think I can say that their community is pretty similar to ours lol. Every 3-4 months PoE comes out with a new league (which is basically a mini-expansion) and everytime the community's complaints are the same "These devs don't have QA. Performance is crap. I can't wait until PoE has some competition." Also, Path of Exile had a pretty rough begining since it's closed alpha in 2011 with lots and lots of bugs, very clunky gameplay and incredibly bad netcode. The only reason this game triumphed was because of a VERY hardcore and stubborn community that enjo
  3. I can understand some less used weapons or features to be pushed to 2021 like the Firebomb and Decoy, but IMHO these should be part of the EA release: ATFLIR, INS/GPS simulation, complete HOTAS functions, MUMI page, Jamming Targets on Radar, Flight member TGT on SA page. AC Setup Data Card is super important too, but I understand that it needs a core change to really shine, like editing waypoints on the briefing or aircraft rearm screens in multiplayer. Stay safe!
  4. Nice! Just a small question: will the EP-13 brightness/contrast knobs on the left wall panel be implemented? Right now you can only adjust it using keybinds.
  5. Hey! While I'm away from my HOTAS, I've been using my Xbox360 wireless controller to fly in DCS. I've noticed that with this controller, both left and right triggers are set as separate axis in-game, labeled "Left Trigger" and "Right Trigger" making it impossible to use them as rudder. I checked the "Game Controllers" screen on Windows 10, and there it shows both triggers as just 1 axis, so I don't know why DCS is treating RT and LT as 2 separate axis. Is there a solution? PS: I also have a Wired version of the Xbox360 controller, and while using it, DCS sees RT and LT as a sin
  6. Posted in your other thread a way to minimize this bug. Also, this bug is a lot older than 2.5. 2009: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=45641 2011: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=81719 2016: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=76825 It may have gotten worse since 2.5 though. Hopefully ED will say if it's intended behaviour or not.
  7. Thanks for the link, gonna post there to see if ED has something to say about this! But I'm pretty sure this bug is older than 2.5 (been also flying the Shark since BS1)
  8. This happens when the laser stops firing and the range is being calculated by the INU. For example, if you range a target that's like 7km away, and you slew the Shkval a little bit to the right and the range drops to 3km, the Shkval will start slewing down since it will think the target is much closer than it really is and will compensate for the wrong ranging at current closure rate. Also, sometimes this happens even if you don't slew the Shkval after you lase. If you're flying erratically with lots of speed/altitude changes, the INU will miscalculate the distance to target and the Shkval
  9. Congrats on the announcement, Leatherneck! Looking forward to flying the Fishbed! :D Sorry if this has been answered before, but will the Mig-21 come with DCS 2.0/EDGE as it was previously stated on ED's facebook?
  10. I hope we get some new effects that affect gameplay such as raindrops on the canopy and fogging, so we can make use of those canopy defog and windscreen wiper switches :D
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