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  1. After some testing on the problem stated in the title. My friends and I have found if you do the "cheat start" or "auto start" the TGP slews fine on the HUD vs a manual start with it not working. Tests: 3 users in multiplayer server. Every step followed to the T from Wags startup video. INS alignment, each pilot waited the full 8 minutes on manual start up. Each attempt was with a new air frame. I wanted to make this post in an effort to some how assist ED and other pilots n troubleshooting.
  2. Jrock

    JASDF Liveries

    Akatsuki and Jack, you guys are epic!
  3. Jrock

    JASDF Liveries

    Wish there was a version with Saber from the Fate series of anime/manga on the tail xD But, still a fan of this skin *inner weeb rejoices*
  4. Jrock

    JASDF Liveries

    You Rock Akatsuki!
  5. I think the speed should be dictated by what the plane is doing, if you're maneuvering i'd expect it to be slower
  6. I've waited since it was announced with the previous company, a few more weeks isn't going to kill me. Keep pressing on, guys.
  7. My issue was that the only option they allowed for payment was PayPal.. well PayPal and I have been having issues for years now without any chance of it being resolved. So I had to pay through ED's pre-order. Which isnt a big deal, i got my pre-order.. but i wanted a t-shirt, lol oh well xD
  8. My hope/wish/dream: They announce available for Pre-Order and Release Date. Probable reality: Tomcat will be teased/shown off with another "soon" promise and a broken heart.
  9. Like my title states I have a forum question. Will there be a Spitfire Mk XIV sub forum made soon like the P40 and HAWK forums? So that we can keep track of the development :pilotfly:
  10. Jrock


    I do agree, I would love a 38
  11. Jrock


    P-51H anyone? http://www.mustangsmustangs.net/p-51/variants/p51h
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